Sunday, April 2, 2023
SM Prime announced its expansion of SM Offices, giving it a new angle on future-ready offices to sustain more business operations nationwide.
Have fun under the sun this summer season with these Human Nature skincare products!
An international study shared research on how vaping can encourage an individual slowly stop smoking as their habit.
STI College received recognition from the 58th Anvil Awards for its initiatives on giving outstanding learning experiences to its students.
One of PAGEONE Group’s agencies, COMS360, made it to the top after winning "Agency of the Year" at the 58th Anvil Awards and gaining over 20 outstanding honors for public relations tools and programs.
Emily’s life in Paris wouldn’t be complete without “romance,” “living with possibilities” and, of course, every woman’s dream of “dating a Parisian guy.” From the beginning, Emily has had eager Parisian men swooning over her at every opportunity. Let’s...
Goodbye, Youtube! These days, TikTok has been emerging as the top online and digital community for all things beauty and makeup. The longer than 5 minutes intensive video tutorials on how to create the perfect smokey eyes are now...
If you're still thinking of what to get this Christmas, you should check out these barenbliss products that will be on sale this November 30!
Navigating campus as a freshman can be both exciting and confusing. Familiarizing your home for the next few years would be a good thing to do on your first week since you’ll get to know different hangout spots you...
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