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World Vision welcomes the school year with the launch of Back-To-School 2022

World Vision welcomes the school year with the launch of Back-To-School 2022

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With school season fast approaching, World Vision Philippines launched its Back-To-School Program to help enable and empower children to have joyful experiences in this school year and beyond.

According to the World Bank, learning poverty reached an all-time high in the Philippines last 2021, with 90% of children still unable to read by age 10. The same report found that only 26.9% of Filipino students had broadband internet access, while distance schooling only covered 20% of children in the country. Even with access to online learning, children ages 12 and below have been found to have trouble focusing on on-screen lessons. Because of this, many children miss out on the development they need at such a young age.

With the Back-To-School Program, World Vision aims to help the most vulnerable children continue schooling despite the pandemic and other calamities plaguing the country. By distributing learning kits to students, learning modules to remote communities and financial aid to families at risk, the organization hopes to provide vulnerable communities with the support they need to bring back joy and hope to students as they begin a new school year.

Rommel Fuerte, the National Director for World Vision Philippines, said, “Many students who do not have access to school essentials feel limited and unmotivated to attend their classes. Our hope is that by providing students with what they need for the school year, they will be able to feel more confident and hopeful in working towards their dreams. With your help, we can change lives for the better and enable children to have more joyful school experiences in the near future.”

World Vision Ambassadors and Advocates also shared their heartwarming messages in support of this year’s Back-To-School efforts.

“School is such a great place to be in. I have so much fun playing with my classmates, writing and learning many interesting facts. I’m also happy for the other children like me who can experience this joy and excitement with the help of World Vision, kind-hearted donors and sponsors,” said World Vision Advocate Scarlet Snow Belo.

“These times have been difficult for parents, with the struggles of working from home. Imagine how difficult it must be for students and children as well, to not have social interactions with their fellow classmates,” said World Vision Ambassador Jasmine Curtis-Smith. “If children are having difficulties adjusting now, what more those who have no proper access to internet? What more those who have no basic learning materials like crayons and notebooks?” she shared.

“With just PHP 1,000, which we can set aside over a few weeks, we can help two children get the school supplies they need for the rest of the school year,” Jasmine added.

Since 2020, the Back-To-School Program has managed to donate nearly 88,000 learning kits and 36,000 learning modules to vulnerable communities across the country. By supporting this campaign and donating PHP 1,000, you can help more vulnerable children get the assistance they need to start this school year with joy and hope in their hearts.

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