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Why a Good Blender Is Important for Bartenders

Why a Good Blender Is Important for Bartenders

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Creating cocktails quickly and efficiently while entertaining customers can be quite a challenge. This is why for bartenders who mix and flair, a quality blender is necessary.


Jake Alano, the resident bartender of Tanduay Distillers, Inc., underlined that a user-friendly blender can make life easier during daily bar operations.

“Blenders are used not just for cocktail processes, but for making syrups, extracting juices, crushing herbs and spices, and other tasks as well,” he said.


This is why when it came to the finals of the Mixology and Flairtending Competition of the recent Tanduay Bacolod Rum Festival, the contest organizers relied on Hanabishi Appliances, which manufactures some of the best blenders in the country.


For the contest, which is one of the most-awaited events in festival every year, Hanabishi provided its Super Blender HJB 326. A sturdy blender that is easy to use, it has a 1.5 liter glass jar, a two-speed control with pulse function, stainless steel blade, overheat protector on motor, safety lock, and a power motor.


“We are thankful to be a part of the festival and showcase how one of our best-selling products can be useful not just for the home but for businesses as well,” said Cherish Ong-Chua, VP for Finance and Marketing of Hanabishi Appliances.


Declared the grand champion of this year’s tilt was Gemoel Guanzon, who represented Bacolod. A B.S. Hospitality graduate from University of St. LaSalle-Bacolod, he is currently a bartender for L’Fisher Hotel Bacolod and is also a freelance photographer and graphic designer.


Guanzon has participated in numerous bartending contests and events and he knows how a good blender can be a bartender’s best tool.


“A good blender is essential for bartenders for various reasons. It can improve the texture and consistency of a drink. A high-quality blender can also handle tasks much faster, thereby increasing the number of drinks that you can serve during a shift,” he said.


Blenders that come with multiple settings can also help bartenders create a wide variety of drinks, according to Guanzon. They can be used from pureeing soft fruits to crushing hard ice.


”Bars are busy especially during peak hours, so bartenders would prefer a reliable blender to handle heavy tasks with frequency without breaking down,” he added.

Guanzon stressed that investing in a good blender can provide long-term benefits such as drink quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.


The other winners of the Mixology and Flairtending competition were Simon Eday of Iloilo who placed second and Earl Hambre from Cagayan de Oro who placed third.


“We congratulate all the winners and we look forward to joining the Rum Festival again next year. It is great to be a part of celebrations that highlight the Philippines’ best,” Ong-Chua said.