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The Great GutVenture: A Journey to the Center of Overall Wellbeing

The Great GutVenture: A Journey to the Center of Overall Wellbeing

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As 70% of the body’s immunity comes from the gut, proper and proactive gut care has never been more crucial for the everyday Filipino.


“The rapidly changing weather and rising levels of stress can take a toll on our immune system,” Rica Mateo, ASEA Erceflora Zone Brand Lead said. “This is why, keeping our gut strong and healthy is no longer an option, it’s a necessity for Filipinos who want to thrive in their day-to-day.”

Chesca Kramer (Erceflora Ambassador), Isabelle Daza (Erceflora Ambassador), Dr. Fil Gatcheco (APPLIED NUTRITIONIS AND PEDRIATIC GASTROENTEROLOGIST), and Rizza Diaz (Host and 1News Sports and News PH Anchor)

Thus, the world’s #1 probiotic brand previously known as “Erceflora Kiddie”, is evolving to meet the needs of kids and adults of all ages with a thrilling relaunch as “Erceflora” during its on-ground installation of “GutVenture: An Immersive Experience” at the Glorietta Activity Center.


During the launch, Erceflora introduced its two newest variants made with the same Bacillus Clausii, “Gut Defense” for daily use which aids to enhance intestinal ecology, and “Gut Restore” which helps enhance the body’s natural resistance to gut infections, best taken when symptoms arise.


“This new chapter for Erceflora signifies our commitment to provide Filipinos with the supplements they need to holistically care for their gut and take more proactive steps in achieving lifelong wellness,” Mateo underscored.


GutVenture: a one-of-a-kind gut journey

GutVenture is an immersive, multi-sensory experience that brings the wonders of probiotics to life. Each guest embarking on this journey is set to learn more about gut health and wellness by exploring a series of interactive exhibits, educational visuals, and hands-on activities.


The experience starts at the “GutVenture Lounge”, where guests are welcomed by taking an online gut assessment test that allowed them to learn more about their gut health needs, tagging them as either a “Gut Defender”, who enjoys a balanced gut brought about by healthy choices, or a “Gut Restorer”, who often feels sick from symptoms of gut imbalance.

Next, they are led to the “Gut Tunnel”, a true-to-life simulation of the probiotics’ effect on the gut, showing that Bacillus clausii probiotics have the power to reach the gut alive, multiply, restore the gut to its natural balance, and protect the body against bad bacteria overall, emphasizing that a “stronger gut makes for a stronger you”.


Then, the “Spores To Life” animated exhibit features the right Erceflora probiotic for each guest. For Gut Defenders looking to maintain a stronger gut barrier, the daily use of Erceflora Gut Defense helps maintain good gut health as it aids to the enhancement of the gut flora. While for Gut Restorers seeking urgent treatment, Erceflora Gut Restore aids the body’s natural resistance to gut infections.


The fun continues at the “Museum of Moments”, showcasing various moments of gut vulnerabilities where gut health can be compromised like going back to school, traveling on holiday, taking antibiotics, or preparing food improperly. The good news is, Erceflora can help individuals navigate these everyday challenges and maintain a healthy gut.


The journey ends at the Gut Exhibit, where guests are given a chance to interact with the brand mascots, “Baci” and “Clau”, and have their personal photos taken.


Proper gut care: the cornerstone of lifelong wellness

A balanced gut microbiome is the foundation of a holistic well-being. These bacteria play an important role in the way the body digests food, absorbs nutrients, and enables immunity.


Probiotics like Erceflora that contains billions of 4-strain Bacillius Clausii, can help the gut function properly, which can ultimately lead to improved mental health, better energy levels, and greater resilience against common illnesses.


Erceflora’s rebrand from a trusted children’s probiotic to a comprehensive gut health solution for individuals of all ages, along with the rollout of its new variants, reinforces the brand’s mission to empower Filipinos to take charge of their own health in a meaningful way.


“By providing everyone with a quick and easy solution to take their gut health seriously, we enable them to put their health in their own hands and help them to be more intentional in prioritizing their healthcare journey,” Mateo shared.


You can purchase a box of Erceflora in your nearest drug store or pharmacy, or online through the Sanofi Official Store at LazMall and Shopee Mall. For more information, visit the Erceflora website here.


To know more about the right Erceflora probiotic for you, take the gut assessment test here.