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SunTalks 101 : Restarting Your Financial Journey

SunTalks 101 : Restarting Your Financial Journey

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It’s another Sun Talks sesh again last Thursday, July 6. I personally pick up lots of practical tips and relevant information from the guest speakers, Sales Cluster Head-Manila 3A Valerie Lagarde and Unit Manager & Financial Advisor Andrea de Guzman, on how we can “Restart Your Financial Journey”.


Ms. Valerie Lagarde shared and discussed the different Life Stages and emphasized that we can start and restart our financial journey with the right financial methods.

  • Getting started.  Building confidence and independence
  • Moving up. Prioritizing family above all
  • Preparing ahead. Nurturing health and wealth
  • Leaving a legacy. Ensuring lasting golden years.

Ms. Lagarde-Amora also explained the need for an emergency fund, income protection, health protection, education savings, retirement planning, estate transfer, and saving for milestones. She also introduced the Financial Planning Pyramid and advised starting at the bottom and progressing upward step by step.

During the Q&A session with Sales Cluster Head-Manila 3A Valerie Lagarde and Unit Manager & Financial Advisor Andrea de Guzman, they answered common misconceptions about financial planning and insurance thing. Ms. De Guzman emphasizes that its never too late to start something new, it’s not too late to restart your financial journey. Sun Life Philippines aims to educate every Filipino to make financial planning accessible to everyone.

If you’re looking for a sign to restart your financial journey, NOW is the time and remember that seeking professional advice will help you towards a brighter financial future.

“To be brave is to be alive and to live in such a way that the world knows you are afraid but you love, more than you fear.”- Kovie Biakolo


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