Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Poten-Cee launches newest variants  Poten-Cee + ZN and Poten-Cee + ZN Advance    


Poten-Cee launches newest variants  Poten-Cee + ZN and Poten-Cee + ZN Advance    

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In keepingwithits thrust forpurposefulinnovationand to arm Filipinos further against this pandemic,PascualLab’sflagship brandPoten-Ceeis leveling up its immunity offerings viatwo newvariants,Poten-Cee+ZNandPoten-Cee+ZNAdvance. 
Moving OnwiththeNew Normal 
Facing the COVID-19 fearhead-on,Poten-Cee, the no. 1 Vitamin C Adult Brand1offersconsumers twoimmunity-advancementoptions to choose from: 
Poten-Cee+ZNwhich combines theimmunity benefitsofVitaminCandZinc,andPoten-Cee + ZNAdvancewhichlikewiseputstogether theimmunity benefitsof Vitamin CandZinc,plusVitamin D3. 
AdvancedProtection fromImmuneEssentials 

Poten-Cee+ZN hasVitamin C2that helps enhance the body’s natural defenses,by supporting various functions of the immune system.It alsocontainsZincthatassists in blocking germs, includingviruses, from entering the body,andprevents them from multiplying.³ 
Similarly,PotenCee+ZNAdvancecombines theimmunity-strengtheningeffects of   
Vitamin C and Zinc, but this time with the addition ofVitamin D3.Vitamin D3aids inactivating theimmune system,to better attackviruses.  Vitamin D3 also regulates the immune response to help prevent suddenordangerous inflammationsthatcancauseorgan damage.⁴ 
To getmore ofthisadvanced protection in the new normal, takePoten-Cee + ZNandPoten-Cee + ZNAdvancedailyalongwith propernutrition,regular physical activity, and adequate quality sleep. 
Poten-Cee ZN andPoten-Cee ZN + Advanceare the newest additionstotheever-growingPoten-Ceefamily of Vitamin C variants which address different lifestyle needs:   
Poten-Cee Sugar-coated,Poten-Cee Sugar-Free,Poten-Cee Forte,Poten-Cee N.A.,   
Poten-Cee Chewable, and food supplementPoten-Cee + C.   
Suggested Retail Price (SPR) for Poten-Cee + ZNis at Php 7.50 per capsule andfor 
Poten-Cee + ZN Advance,at 13.50 each.Both variants are available at all Mercury Drug, Southstar, The Generic Pharmacy, andWatsonsoutlets nationwide