Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Perfect XTREME Appliances for every kind of mother for as low as ₱995!


Perfect XTREME Appliances for every kind of mother for as low as ₱995!

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Home appliances have always been the most popular gifts to mothers for special occasions especially Mother’s day. As a matter of fact, no mom will ever say no to another practical and useful appliance thus making it a perfect present anytime of the year. However, one of the struggles is choosing the kind of appliances that perfectly fits every kind of mothers. Luckily, XTREME Appliances, your local One-Stop Shop Appliances brand, has a wide range of products for every kind of mothers.

With everyone working from home most of the time or the current homeschooling set up for kids, it is not a surprise that these new arrangements have been taking a toll on our parents, especially our mothers. From cleaning, cooking, or just creating a more comfortable household environment, choosing the right appliances would be beneficial and will save our mothers a lot of their time.

We’ve listed down home appliances that will surely fit every kind of mom.

Being a Single Mom is never an easy job. You need to be good at multitasking and create a routine to structure your busy mom schedule. An extra help from these helpful and multi-use appliances from XTREME is a perfect pair of hands for an independent mom!

XTREME Cool Combo Washer & Dryer (₱44,995)
6.0L XTREME Home Dishwasher (₱15,995)
20L XTREME Home Full Touch Microwave Oven (₱3,995)
1.0L XTREME Home Multi-cooker (₱2,495)

These Modern Moms are often the kid’s bestest friend! Letting the child/children to try out something new regularly will lead them to live to their full potential. With these home gadgets, household chores will turn into mother-and-child bonding or quality time!

40L XTREME Home Blue Convection Oven (₱8,995)
3.5L XTREME Home Digital Air Fryer (₱2,995)
1.50L XTREME Home Blender (₱1,695)
XTREME Home “The Silencer” Electric Fan (₱2,995)

Career Moms tend to be professional and trained in every kind of challenge and pressure. Usually, you will spot this kind of mom in a rush or managing the home and office work, at the same time! It’s not easy to leave work undone but these home devices are great tools for a fun and knowledgeable environment for you and for the kids!

50” XTREME Android TV (₱27,795)
1.0HP XTREME Cool Window Type Inverter Aircon (₱25,800)
50CM XTREME Home Gas Range (₱9,995)
6L XTREME Home Electric Pressure Cooker (₱3,895)

First-time moms need appliances that will give her comfort and convenience in her new journey. Learning to be a mom needs a huge adjustment physically, mentally and emotionally. Guidance and assistance from your loved ones will play a big role in this kind of major transition in your life.

1.0HP XTREME Home Split Type Inverter Aircon (₱26,800)
1.8CU.FT XTREME Cool Personal Refrigerator (₱5,495)
XTREME X-Series Bottom Load Water Dispenser (₱6,995)
1.7L XTREME Home Electric Kettle (₱995)
7kg Top Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine ((₱9,995)

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