Friday, July 19, 2024

News5 Serves In-Depth and Data-Driven News Coverage in Frontline Tonight

News5 Serves In-Depth and Data-Driven News Coverage in Frontline Tonight

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With the information overload from local and international news and social media discussions that people have to sort through every day, it becomes difficult to make sense of the most relevant matters that the public truly needs to understand. This is what News5 addresses in the launch of Frontline Tonight, the latest 30-minute news program which airs weeknights on TV5 beginning this September 27.

Frontline Tonight departs from usual newscasts by providing in-depth news reporting and analysis that is backed by data-driven storytelling. Anchored by award-winning news correspondent Ed Lingao and Maeanne Los Banos, this evening news program will focus and explore the different angles of the day’s biggest news stories. The top story will immediately be followed by related sub-stories and live interviews to further analyze the topic for discussion.

Focusing on the top story for the day, Lingao deconstructs issues for the public’s easier comprehension and interpretation. Los Banos, aside from reading the news wrap segment, will also be providing exclusive stories as News5’s political insider-correspondent.

“As we strive to always provide better and more useful content for our viewers, we know that giving them a different kind of news program like Frontline Tonight will provide a deeper understanding of relevant news stories and help the people make fact-driven decisions that not only affect themselves but society as a whole. This is our advocacy and our responsibility to make news accessible and understandable for the general public,” shared TV5 President and CEO Robert P. Galang.

Catch a different take on news reporting and data-driven journalism in Frontline Tonight, airing Mondays through Fridays at 10:30 PM, only on TV5.