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Moving in checklist: 5 appliances and equipment to prioritize

Moving in checklist: 5 appliances and equipment to prioritize

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You’ve found the perfect place; you’ve fully paid your deposit and you’re excited to start living independently… but how do you start filling your new space? Whether you’ve just graduated from school and about to start working in a new place, or you’ve just tied the knot and savoring marriage before starting a family, you might feel a mix of excitement and some jitters when moving out of your childhood home.

With limited budget and the urgency of finally settling in a bare apartment or condo unit, the thought of buying appliances and furniture for your new place can be a bit overwhelming. However, you can survive the first few months of independence by learning to prioritize which appliances and tools to buy.

Here are five appliances and home equipment you should prioritize purchasing as you get started on your new life milestone:

  • Electric fan

An electric fan is a non-negotiable in a humid country like the Philippines, even if your place has lots of windows. A stand fan is good for ventilating wide spaces, but if you have limited room, you could consider tower fans as they fit in tight spaces. Desk and floor fans are portable enough to be placed anywhere, while ceiling or wall fans could help you save floor space. But if you have the budget, investing in an air conditioning unit will provide extra comfort and help get you through the scorching summer days.


  • Refrigerator

If you want to save time and money by cutting down on food delivery fees or dining out, a refrigerator is a must-have. In choosing your first fridge, consider your kitchen space and your food consumption habits. If you’re living alone and prefer cooking, a 3.5 cu. ft personal refrigerator with a freezer would be enough to store frozen goods while giving you enough space for your weeklong meal prep. If you would only like to keep your beverages cold and store minimal leftovers, a mini fridge might do.

  • Electric Kettle

An electric kettle is worth buying if you often need hot water for coffee, tea, chocolate, or even instant meals such as oatmeal and cup noodles, as it is a simple yet energy-efficient way to heat water. Electric kettles are usually made of food-grade plastic, stainless steel, or borosilicate glass. Basic yet functional ones allow you to just ‘switch it and forget it’ while other modern models have features like a clear water level gauge that allows you to check how much water is left, a cord storage and winder, and even a temperature controller.

  • Vacuum Cleaner

A sturdy broom and dustpan might work for everyday cleaning, but a vacuum cleaner is a must-have to ensure you get rid of dust, debris, and other allergens, especially if you have a carpeted place or if you’re bringing a pet with you. A smart robot vacuum cleaner is the perfect hands-free companion for busy bees, while upright vacuum cleaners are lightweight and space-saving. There are also handy portable vacuum cleaners that are light enough to carry so you can reach difficult corners without dealing with long cords.

  • A gas stove

Moving out doesn’t mean you only have to settle with instant dishes and canned food. Enjoying a fresh, homecooked meal is possible if you invest in a quality stove, such as a gas cooktop, which heats up fast, is durable, allows better temperature control and does not rely on electricity.

When buying a gas stove, it is also important to consider investing in a trusted kitchen fuel to ensure that it weighs correctly as advertised, lasts as intended and is guaranteed safe to use.

If you have limited kitchen space, Solane Sakto, a mini-LPG tank containing 1.4 kg of kitchen fuel, is perfect for you. Aside from being a space saver, it is priced for as low as PHP 150 per refill, making it a safer alternative to dangerous fuel sources such as LPG-refilled butane canisters. One tank of Solane Sakto can last up to a week of cooking for the typical family of five, or up to three to four days for heavy cooking.

Solane Sakto is guaranteed to have gone through proper safety checks to ensure the safety of your household. Fake or illegal LPG tanks that are usually dilapidated and rusty are prone to gas leaks that might cause explosions or fires, endangering the life you’re starting to build in your new home.

As an added safety measure, Solane also conducts the 7-point Safety Check, an exclusive service provided to all Solane LPG home delivery customers nationwide, to ensure that your LPG is safely installed and make sure that your burner produces a blue flame to maintain the quality of your gas appliance.


Starting over in your new place might be difficult and heavy on the budget, but investing in quality equipment will help you save money and energy in the long run so you can upgrade your humble home. You don’t have to sacrifice safety and quality for cost with a trusted LPG like Solane. To order Verified Solane LPG, customers may call the Hatid Bahay Hotline (+632 8887-5555), send a message to 0918-887-5555 (Smart) / 0917 8977555 (Globe). Customers may also place their order through the Solane Web Ordering platform (, the Solane Facebook page (, or place their orders through the Solane LPG app, available on the App Store or Google Play.