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Making Dengue Protection for the whole family affordable, accessible

Making Dengue Protection for the whole family affordable, accessible

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These are the number of reported dengue cases in the Philippines as of April 2023, according to the World Health Organization. This figure is 43% higher compared to the same period last year.

Just as we are recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, and along with the onset of rainy season, diseases like dengue are gaining unwelcome traction.

As we bounce back from the economic blow of the pandemic, the question is: are our family budgets enough to financially deal with dengue?

For Pioneer Insurance, the answer is yes — for the price of only P350! Pioneer MediCash Dengue Insurance offers 12-month coverage and is available through a few clicks away anytime through Equivalent to less than P1 per day for a one-year cover, your mind will be at ease knowing that you have a financial safety net in case dengue gets you.

“We want to disprove the myth that health insurance is expensive and complicated,” says Len Pozon, Pioneer FVP for Marketing. “We are doing this by making every Filipino family member secured this rainy season with the accessible and affordable MediCash Dengue Insurance.”

What do you get with Pioneer MediCash Dengue?
● P10,000.00 medical cash assistance upon Dengue Diagnosis
● A first layer health insurance or an added insurance to your HMO or PhilHealth
● A policy that takes effect as soon as you successfully complete the registration and payment in InsureShop

Anyone between 14 days old and 70 years old, living in the Philippines, can be insured by Pioneer MediCash Dengue. Additionally, no hospitalization is required to claim. At just P350 per coverage, it serves as the perfect umbrella of financial protection for your family. Take on the rainy season with less worries with Pioneer MediCash insurance products available at