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Lysol urges Filipinos: “together, we can disinfect to protect”

Lysol urges Filipinos: “together, we can disinfect to protect”

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As part of its mission to “Disinfect to Protect”, Lysol Philippines has released an informative video in its Facebook page, to reinforce its call for Filipinos to remain vigilant against the COVID19 pandemic and join them in the fight against the disease by helping break the chain of infection.

The video, entitled “Together, we can disinfect to protect”, outlines what people can do to protect themselves, their families and communities against the novel coronavirus—practice proper handwashing, refrain from touching the face, observe cough etiquette and social distancing, and clean and disinfect surroundings.

You may watch the video entitled “Together, we can disinfect to protect” here:


“We are breaking the chain of COVID-19 infection by calling on all Filipinos to join us in our mission and enlisting them in the practice of washing their hands and regularly disinfecting their surroundings, including most touched surfaces, especially in homes. These practices, when integrated into our lives as routines, become powerful weapons through which we can combat COVID-19,” said Gonzalo Balcazar, RB general manager for South East Asia, Hygiene.

Apart from manufacturing disinfectant sprays and multi-purpose household cleaners, Lysol has been involved in studying bacteria and viruses—from the most common, to the most harmful—working with scientific and academic communities and partnering with healthcare institutions and laboratories to test its products against pathogens, to contribute to scientific knowledge on hygiene and infection control.

One recent study involved the novel SARS-CoV-2 strain wherein Lysol maker, RB, commissioned a globally-recognized laboratory to conduct a series of independent tests to assess the effectiveness of the active ingredients and formulations of Lysol disinfectant spray, liquid hand wash, hand sanitizer, and other disinfectant products against the COVID-19.

Recently, Lysol Philippines has also partnered with the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) for a “Disinfect to Protect” joint mission wherein the disinfectant brand donated P36 million to build a COVID-19 mass testing laboratory in Cagayan De Oro, and shoulder the COVID19 mass-testing processing fees of 4,500 Filipinos, including front-liners, the elderly, and pregnant women.

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