Sunday, July 21, 2024

LOREN: The Lady Who Leads

LOREN: The Lady Who Leads

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Happy Birthday 3-Term Senator, Deputy Speaker, Antique Congresswoman, Loren. Lorna Regina “Loren” Bautista Legarda (born January 28, 1960).

From a multi-awarded broadcast journalist to a top-notch senator, and beyond. For the past three decades, Loren has dedicated her life to serving the Filipino people. In 1998, Loren became the youngest senator in the Philippines. She is also the only female to top the Senate race twice and the only female to become Senate Majority Leader.

Because of her advocacies on climate change adaptation, disaster risk reduction and management, sustainability, and climate justice, the Philippines has been recognized for her pioneered laws on the environment.

Loren is also a women’s & children’s rights advocate, consistent with her efforts to promote the welfare of women and the protection of the Filipino youth.


She is a true Filipina at heart, passionately advocating for the protection of the rights of indigenous peoples and promoting arts and culture in the local and international arena.


Wishing you good health and more more birthdays to come.