Saturday, July 20, 2024

Look your best in every virtual work call with these beauty tweaks

Look your best in every virtual work call with these beauty tweaks

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As part of the new normal, many people are now working from home, sitting in front of computers for most of the day.

However, there are some who need to be in online meetings—client calls, pitch presentations, team conference updates, and virtual catch-ups with colleagues—as part of their work. So, what’s a girl got to do? Amp up her looks a little and be her most confident self, even on video calls.

One way to achieve this is to apply just the right amount of makeup. Here are a few tricks to tune up one’s looks for a work meeting (or even online after-work get-togethers with friends).

Start your day with a morning skincare routine

Start your day by perking up your skin, and applying moisturizer and sunscreen to give it the extra care it needs.

A simple key to staying motivated all day is to feel good, especially during the morning. After washing your face, apply moisturizer and sunscreen (yes, even computer and phone screens emit UV rays!), and give your skin the extra care it needs.

Apply concealer
Cover your dark spots and brighten up under eyes with a concealer for a natural-looking finish. The Bobbie Cosmetics POOF! Concealer (P115) blends easily onto skin and balances out any discoloration. Even if you get occasional zits or dark circles, all is well with a little help from this blurring formula.

Sculpt your face with contour and highlight

Define your features and add some depth to your look with Bobbie Cosmetics Gleam Squad Contour and Strobe.

Webcams usually give the face a monotonous appearance, leaving it a bit pale and flat. Use Bobbie Cosmetics Gleam Squad Contour & Strobe (P399) to instantly define features and add some depth to your look. Apply contour on your forehead near the hairline, hollows of your cheeks—sides of the forehead, cheekbones, nose line, and jaw line—and get a flattering bone structure in a flash.

Fill in the brows
Eyebrows have the power to shape one’s face and it definitely is an integral part of your makeup look, if not the most important one. Fill your brows using Bobbie Cosmetics Retractable Eyebrow Pencil (P165). It has a slanted tip that provides easy application, and comes with a specially-designed spoolie brush that neatens and blends color.

So, even if you have con calls all day, you can be assured that your eyebrows are on fleek.

Make your cheeks POP!

Make your complexion look healthier and add a touch of Bobbie Cosmetics Poppin’ Cheeks blush on the apples of your cheeks.

A swipe of a blush-on can go a long way to make you look more alive and fresh in video calls! Bobbie Cosmetics Poppin’ Cheeks blush (P115) can awaken the complexion instantly. Choose from five rosy shades—Chisel, Coral Pop, Cotton Peach, Posey Pink, Viva Plum—and stay blooming round the clock, from work meetings to happy hour!

Put on some lipstick
Finalize the look with a swipe of Bobbie Cosmetics Matte About Hue lipstick (P165). It has a creamy matte finish that doesn’t leave a sticky feeling on the lips, so you stay comfortable wearing them even if you’re at home.

The Bobbie Cosmetics Matte About Hue lipstick collection boasts of 23 shades. You can even get creative and mix some colors to get one that uniquely suits you.

Get creative with your video call looks and stay telegenic with the help of Bobbie Cosmetics! For more makeup look inspirations, follow their Instagram page at