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Living Abroad? GCash still lets you show love to your family from miles away

Living Abroad? GCash still lets you show love to your family from miles away

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They say absence makes the heart grow fonder but in this age of technology, all you need is a few taps on your mobile device to make your loved ones feel cared for even if you are miles away.

Filipinos living and working abroad have a heartwarming tendency to continue helping relatives back home – whether it’s sending them the habitual balikbayan box filled with canned goods, clothes, shoes, cosmetics, or fragrances or wiring funds to help them with their daily expenses.

There is no doubt that opportunities abroad can grant overseas Filipino workers better compensation and a better future, for themselves and their families back home. But the sacrifices made to work overseas do not come without a price; there’s an absence of physical presence, the children grow up faster than expected, and special occasions such as birthdays and Christmases will most likely be missed.

“We want to continue serving our kababayans and enabling them wherever they are in the world. This is why we are constantly innovating to remove barriers and simplify the use of GCash so that more Filipinos abroad can take advantage of the app and its hassle-free features. We know being away from family is difficult enough, so providing them with quality service via GCash is our way to help ease their worries.” says GCash Chief Customer Officer Winsley Bangit.

Thanks to GCash, parang nandyan ka lang! Filipinos abroad can easily send love and support to their families in the Philippines as if they never left. GCash offers a slew of services which help them to continue showing their care and support wherever they are in the world:


  1. Sending money for FREE. Sending money to people in the Philippines is now faster and easier, especially for OFWs. By using GCash Send Money service in your app, your loved ones will be able to receive funds in real-time and straight to their GCash accounts for free. GCash users abroad can also take advantage of easily funding their GCash wallets through Cash In channels, with global remittance partners such as Remitly, Sendwave and Alipay available in 200+ countries worldwide which can be accessed online or through their branches. Those abroad may also opt for the Bank Cash In option, where users can link their Philippine bank accounts, either BPI or UnionBank, and Cash In for free without leaving the GCash app.
  2. Giving support for everyday needs. Being able to communicate through messaging is a commodity in this time and age. A perfect token to send apart from monetary support, GCash users may also buy load for their loved ones back home. With GCash, users can simply enter the recipient’s number and buy telco, broadband and even lifestyle load for entertainment and gaming needs.
  3. Managing finances for the future. GCash is more than just a mobile wallet. It allows users to control and grow their finances through various financial services, such as GSave, a savings marketplace that allows users to open and access a savings account through their GCash app. For instance, a user can open a BPI MySaveUp account anytime, anywhere. They can also opt to open a savings account with CIMB Bank and enjoy a high interest rate earning 2.6% base interest rate annually with no minimum balance requirement.


Moreover, GCash also offers GInvest, allowing people to grow their savings further by investing in various funds for as low as P50.


4. Having access to great deals and offers.  Coined as the super life app, GCash has GLife, a one-stop online shop in the app housing various lifestyle brands, from gaming, to food, wellness, and many more. Aside from secured transactions, GLife gives you the luxury of accessing shops and merchants at once via GCash App without having to make various accounts and switching apps. With this, you don’t have to miss out on celebrations back home such as birthdays, graduation parties, or even a small get-together. Simply head over to GLife and choose gifts that you can send home.


When it comes to providing protection, having insurance also provides a sense of security. With insurance policies often being too expensive, GCash has also introduced GInsure. Filipinos living abroad can rest easy knowing that with GInsure they can safeguard their families back home against potential risks without putting a dent in their budget. It offers various insurance packages from SingLife for as low as P79 a month. Get coverage up to 750k with options to avail cover protection against COVID-19, dengue or income loss due to accidents.

Filipinos abroad can access all these amazing features and more by simply downloading the GCash app and registering using one Philippine ID to verify and an active Philippine roaming sim. Through GCash, millions of Filipinos can support their families in different ways at their fingertips.

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