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Leonie Agri Corp. Opens Its Doors to the International Market

Leonie Agri Corp. Opens Its Doors to the International Market

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LAC, the first and largest organic-certified farm and plant in the Philippines,¹ recently welcomed 80 delegates of the ERDB from Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and Nepal, at its 42-hectare home in Nueva Ecija. As part of their three-day itinerary, the delegates from the business, academe, and public sector, were given the tour of the newly refurbished LAC. 
According to ERDB OIC-Assistant Director Forester (For) Conrado B. Marquez: “We have carefully chosen LAC as the ideal location for the conference tour. LAC is a renowned agriceutical company and the tour provided invaluable insights to every individual regarding the importance and utilization of medicinal plants, as well as the various forest tree species. This immersive experience further enhanced the understanding and appreciation of the potential benefits that these natural resources hold for society.” 

LAC recently renovated its farm and manufacturing plant, to further its parent company’s mission of providing quality health and wellness products and services, with highlight on its combination of organic-based farming methods and produce as well as its pharmaceutical-grade processes and products. Along with its farm and plant improvements comes the widening of its product and service portfolio. 

Home of Ascof Lagundi and WellGreens plus C-Lium Fibre  

Home of the first Lagundi cough relief in the market, Ascof Lagundi² and the first commercially available Sinta food supplements, WellGreens Sinta, LAC is also home to premium and organic-certified raw materials including Sambong (Blumea Camphor) and Banaba (Lagerstroemia speciosa). It also mostly manufactures C-Lium Fibre³, the leading psyllium fiber brand in the Philippines while another food supplement, PureGreens Malunggay is in the pipeline.  
LAC, certified by the Department of Agriculture for Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and by the Islamic Da’Wah Council of the Philippines for Halal, produces premium organic raw materials to meet the various toll needs of clients.  
Also certified by Department of Health’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), LAC offers reliable toll manufacturing services such as:  
Sachet filling, Blistering, Dehydration, Milling, Encapsulation, Packaging, Spray drying, Extraction, Essential oil extraction, and Sterilization. 

Antonio C. Causing, LAC President and CEO affirms: “We share with DENR, the same passion for sustainability, and their vision of a nation enjoying and sustaining its natural resources and a clean and healthy environment. LAC for one, adheres to these sustainable practices and quality standards.” 
Originally servicing clients in Southeast Asia, LAC is gearing up to explore more markets in Asia and the rest of the world in the coming years. 

Corporate Social Responsibility 
While LAC’s vision remains aligned with its parent company PascualLab’s vision for Strong, Healthy Families and its focus on market expansion, the Filipino-owned agriceutical firm continues to draw from its core – a passion for CSR. LAC is a socially responsible organization that employs sustainable methods. It also supports community development and the livelihood of local farmers. It partners with the local communities not only of Nueva Ecija, but also of Aurora and Bulacan in Luzon, Philippines to train farmers with the processes and standards of organic farming, providing them opportunities to improve the quality and increase the quantities of their crops, through earth-friendly methods, while earning a sustainable living as agripreneurs. 
Beyond this, LAC reaches out to sectors in need and survivors of natural calamities. Leonie Agri Corporation – continuously evolving to provide purposeful health solutions to its current and emerging markets. 
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