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Kicking Off Chinese New Year with foodpanda’s Feast of Fortune

Kicking Off Chinese New Year with foodpanda’s Feast of Fortune

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Chinese New Year is fast-approaching, and we are SO here for the good luck, health, and strength the Year of the Dragon brings! We are ready to channel the Dragon in ourselves and embody its intelligence, charisma, and power. A way to get full-on Year of the Dragon mode and feel the luck is to celebrate its year with foodpanda!


Good-fortune groceries at your fingertips

Can we even call it a Chinese New Year celebration without the tikoy? It symbolizes sweet relationships and a better year coming up, and even better when you can get tikoy from pandamart for as low as ₱99.

While for a burst of prosperity, incorporating round and golden fruits like oranges and tangerines as centerpieces will just do you the trick! Celebrate with your family or peers with this must-have for this season.

Shop with ease for your Chinese New Year necessities on pandamart or Robinsons Easymart via foodpanda Shops, and get FREE ANG PAU when you purchase a minimum amount of ₱499 (valid from February 1-11 only).


Lucky mouthwatering indulgence 

Whether you choose to pick up or have food delivered, foodpanda’s wide selection of Chinese restaurants makes it simple to add real flavors to your meal. Just look up any restaurant of your choice or any Chinese food you are craving, choose from the menu, and voila!

Fun fact: According to Chinese folklore, the more dumplings you eat, the more money you’ll make throughout the year. Nobody is counting too much, so go ahead and indulge!

Eyes on the target: Lumpia! While the meaty savory flavors that burst from the crispiness of the golden wrapper are quite addicting, they symbolize abundance and good luck as well. We always love lumpia. Taking in these golden delights will never be out of style to kick off the year!

Noodles, with their extended strands, not only add flavor but also wish for a fortunate and lengthy life. That is why we never bite off the ends of our noodles! The longer the noodle, the luckier the eater will be. Savor every bite of this during your feast, and you might just be tasting good fortune and a long life!

Whether you want to DIY your Chinese New Year blowout or choose the convenience of online ordering, you can unlock a ₱500 discount either way when you use it on foodpanda’s pandamart, shops, food delivery, and pick-up with the voucher code CNY500. This offer is valid for orders placed from Feb 9-11 only. Huge deals await you when you celebrate with foodpanda!


May your festivities be filled with joy, prosperity, and a table adorned with the luckiest of foods. With endless grocery and food possibilities with foodpanda, celebrations are limitless! Gong Xi Fa Cai!


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