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Go for worry-free adventures this summer

Go for worry-free adventures this summer

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Travel is back in full swing, and according to the Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB), the country’s air passengers quadrupled to 15.93 million for domestic trips alone for the first nine months of 2022, and 6.3 million for international, increasing threefold from 2021.


Bet you also caught the travel bug! Whether you go local or international this summer, it’s always best to be prepared.  Here are tips on how you can plan that well-deserved summer trip:


Prepare a rough budget. Before planning any vacation, the responsible thing to do is to come up with a rough estimate of all your expected expenses for the trip.  No need to go into too much detail yet, but make sure to prepare estimates of the major costs such as transportation, accommodations, food, attraction fees, shopping, insurance, and many more as this would already help you create a ballpark figure you can set aside.


Check your travel documents. Despite the easing of travel restrictions, certain destinations still have additional safety requirements for entry. Always research on these requirements and check if you need to update or secure new travel documents. For local travel, prepare your vaccination card, while international trips call for updated passports and visas, as needed.


Do some initial research. Everyone has different travel styles – some prefer to plan their trips down to the last minute, while some prefer to go with the flow. Regardless of your preference, do some quick research on your destination to arm with you with essential information such as the season during the visit, if the locals speak English (maybe learn a few helpful phrases!), the local currency, important cultural sensitivities, etc. These will come in handy when you work on your daily itinerary nearer your trip, as you’ll be more aware of the parameters you’ll need to work with.


Plan with peace of mind.  Traveling is fun until the unforeseen happens. That’s why it is strongly advised to get travel insurance for you and your loved ones. It protects you from travel inconveniences throughout your trip such as delayed flights, lost suitcases, last-minute cancellations of flights, and medical emergencies, depending on the plan or variant you choose.


Smart Traveller, AXA Philippines’ comprehensive travel insurance, is designed for you to enjoy every moment with your family and friends. It offers 24/7 emergency travel assistance for round-the-clock travel and medical support anywhere and has top-tier medical coverage for expenses such as hospital costs, doctors’ professional fees, and more in case you suffer injury or illnesses during your trip.


With Smart Traveller, you can also file a claim for reimbursements of pre-booked, non-refundable travel expenses in case of trip cancellations or postponement, while offering protection for your personal belongings in case of loss and damage.


Smart Traveller’s Classic and Elite variants are also Schengen-accredited, so you can tick this off your visa requirements as well. You can also get additional savings when purchasing this product for two or more people, and if you are a frequent traveler, AXA has annual plans you can avail of as well.


Visit and explore how you can experience a safe and worry-free summer to remember this 2023.