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Get That Beach Bod This Summer With These Exciting Tips!


Get That Beach Bod This Summer With These Exciting Tips!


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Committing to a weight-loss plan isn’t simple, but it’s made difficult when the plan doesn’t work. The truth is that losing weight becomes more difficult as you get older. However, your emotional and spiritual state are more important than your weight loss. What are your ideas on your body? What is your inspiration for wanting to lose weight?

Anxiety and ego arise from much more than what the size says about your weight and shape. You’ve all been there, even younger people do as well.

Most people started gaining weight last year, especially in December, since it’s the holiday season where families spend time together for a vacation. You could still remember your mother cooking so well that you can instantly neglect your diet schedule. It doesn’t mean you’re becoming an irresponsible woman who dreams of having a fit body yet eats a lot. It’s just a feeling of pampering yourself after all the dreadful work you did (at home). Eating food is like your token of a job well done.

And now you’re gaining weight. It simply feels better to be softer, slimmer, and trimmer. Everyone wants that now that the summer heat is on.

Because of this, you started browsing on the internet on how to lose weight. Upon scanning tons of tips, you honestly feel like it’s a burden for you. When you’re at this age with a husband and kids, it’s hard to focus on yourself. You thought doing house chores would be enough to at least reduce your fat since you’re doing all the work at home while your husband is working at his office—but no. It is still not enough. You crave and crave food out of exhaustion to the point where you no longer care if it’s too much for you in a day.

Then you recall your friends asking you to go with them on a beach vacation this summer. Your initial reaction was excitement, until it vanished and was replaced by fear. How would you wear a two-piece or one-piece bikini if your body wouldn’t allow you to? You’re not like those girls who have confidence. As a wife, there’s a conscious thought that you’re aware of changes in your body after conceiving a child. It’s not about having a Coca-Cola body. You just want to have a balanced diet and body.

It’s just really hard to lose weight when your body gets used to eating too much. What can you say? You’re a foodie. But then, you were determined to lose weight so that you could be quite confident in yourself, so be it!

These are the 8 effective tips on how to lose weight so you can finally flaunt your beach bod this summer:

1. Commit to move

This is the hardest part of losing weight. It’s about committing yourself to moving. To do all the workouts with consistency! It may be hard during your first week of workouts, you would feel exhausted. You would feel like your body was abruptly forced to do hard work. Soon, it would make you realize that doing house chores is different from doing the real exercise itself. Once you start losing weight and having a beach body someday, it will make you feel committed to moving and exercising every morning because it gives you a positive feeling at the start of your day. Make sure that you turn your desired body goal into action by committing to it. It’s very hard, but it’s something you will enjoy doing continuously because it feels like you still have time for yourself as you take care of your body.

2. Watch workout videos online

The benefit of the internet is that it will introduce you to free methods for successfully committing to your goal. Start watching exercise guides and tutorials on YouTube for free. There are many YouTube channels to choose from. Start doing yoga, Zumba, and planking. You can schedule yoga every Monday, then on Wednesday do Zumba, and every Friday do planking. Do them every morning. Aside from that, do the basic exercises that you watch in tutorials online. If you’re really eager to lose weight but your mind isn’t working with you, try enrolling in workout programs online so that you’ll have a teacher who will push you until you have your desired body!

3. Avoid driving, walk everywhere

If you are used to driving to the market before, consider walking as part of your beach body routine. Walking is one of the best and easiest exercises anyone can do. Do a morning walk. If your kids are fun enough to join you, let them walk with you. If you go to a market and it’s only near you, try walking instead of driving your car.

4. Minimize your alcohol consumption

You know, it’s totally understandable that alcoholic beverages must be placed on tables during reunions and get-together events, but then alcohol is known to make you gain weight. If you’re not aware of this, perhaps you should stop drinking too much alcohol because, even if you’re serious about exercising, you must stop or at least minimize drinking alcohol.

5. Focus on veggies

This is very easy for vegetarian people, and way, way too hard for people who dislike vegetables. But hey, veggies are fun for your body! There are veggies that don’t taste good, like bitter melon, but there are many ways to still eat it! You can simply bake veggie cakes, make a veggie-flavored juice or shake, and you can also make broccoli rice! By eating veggies, you’d notice your body began to lose weight while also giving you a radiant feeling on your skin! You can watch free tutorials on YouTube on how to turn those veggies you hate into a dish that will make you salivate and thirst to finish eating them!

6. Avoid consuming big meals

Everyone will agree that it’s really hard to resist delicious food during holidays. The best tip is to avoid consuming big meals in the evening! It’s a no-no if you’re on a diet or you want to lose weight. It makes you gain weight easily! If you badly want to eat big meals, read the seventh tip!

7. Eat your breakfast!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Remember that. Try making fruit juice and eat veggie-flavored bread. You can also eat oatmeal if you want a diet breakfast. The goal is to lose weight, not to skip meals. If you think skipping your breakfast will make you lose weight in an instant, then you’re wrong. It’s important to also prioritize your breakfast. Do an exercise first in the morning before you eat your breakfast. Do whatever works for you. Just be…

8. Be mindful

Oh… mindful! Mindful eating is half the battle. And not just because you could be unaware of how much junk food you’re eating in a day — it applies to healthy foods too. Start creating a journal and list down all the foods you can only eat! If you want to successfully accomplish your desired body goal, it should start in your mind. Aside from moving consistently, make exercise a habit!

How? Create a workout plan! Once you’re done doing a specific workout, just mark a check in your workout plan, and there you go! Aside from losing weight, there’s a feeling of fulfillment in knowing that you’ve accomplished small things every day that will turn into big ones once done with consistency!

That’s it! Those are the 8 effective tips for losing weight! These tips will definitely work for everyone, not just for the moms out there. Remember that you should not stop doing these after achieving your desired body goal. Consistency is the key. Losing weight is not an easy process, but once you do, it is an achievement that can change your perspective. You see, exercising and all this stuff to lose weight also affects and changes our perspectives.

You can minimize exercise if you think your body can still stay fit while doing these tips. Remember that what works for others might not work for you, but then what’s the harm in trying?

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