Sunday, July 21, 2024

Discover affordable life insurance plans with BDO Life

Discover affordable life insurance plans with BDO Life

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A recent market study conducted by BDO Life Assurance Company, Inc. uncovered that 47% of respondents prioritize daily living expenses, though 49% express a strong desire to acquire life insurance for protection from sickness and health issues, and 41% from accidents, disability, and death.


Filipinos should not let the uncertainty about life insurance costs prevent them from getting the coverage they need. BDO Life has launched Get A Quote (GAQ), an online tool that enables them to receive a personalized insurance plan computation and understand the benefits of life insurance.

Start your Plan B Journey with BDO Life. BDO Life recently launched an online tool, Get A Quote (GAQ), to enable Filipinos to get a computation for a personalized insurance plan. Get a quote now by visiting

Here’s how to use BDO Life’s Get A Quote:

  • Visit BDO Life’s website ( and click on “Get a Quote” to explore insurance solutions aligned with customers’ financial priorities.
  • By specifying an amount they can comfortably afford, they can instantly receive a quote for a tailored insurance plan for themselves or their loved ones.
  • Once ready to speak to a BDO Life Financial Advisor, customers can indicate their preferred mode of communication (in-person or virtual) and their location.


Get a quote now by visiting Existing policyholders can access BDO Life’s customer portal, a comprehensive platform for managing all aspects of their individual life insurance policy. They can simply log in to the customer portal at using their active BDO Online App login information.