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#CheckThisOut Promil Gold FOUR bundles now available at Shopee

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Do you know that the best drink for children are water and MILK?

Milk is known in providing Calcium and Vitamin D to build strong bones. And as a parent, our job is to provide them the right nutrition especially during the preschool years. Our child begins to immerse himself in our environment, they need to be able to learn mentally, physically, and socio-emotional. They face the enormous tasks of exploration and socialization. Their eager mind now grasps counting, time, speech, colors and numbers. They also making new friends — conversing, cooperating and playing. It is during these times that they need a strong mind and body to be Brain, Body and People Smart. To help advance our child’s learning abilities, they need proper parenting, care and advanced nutrition.

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Thanks to Wyeth, Promil Gold Four a perfect for preschoolers over 3 years old. This is the only one that contains the GOLD BIOFACTORS SYSTEM, expertly-designed nutrition to support strong minds and bodies for your child’s advanced learning. It contains:

  • DHA, Choline and Lutein — a unique combination of brain nutrients that work together to support cognitive and visual development.
  • Anti-oxidants to help support immunity and body defense.
  • Growth nutrients to help support your child’s muscle and bone development.
  • Dietary Fibers to help support the digestive system.

And despite the pandemic, we can still give our Alpha kids the right nutrition through Shopee. Check out the different Promil Gold Four bundles that is now available at Shopee:

PROMIL GOLD FOUR Powdered Milk Drink for Pre-schoolers Over 3 Years Old, Bag in Box 1.8kg for only Php1,549

PROMIL GOLD FOUR Powdered Milk Drink for Pre-schoolers Over 3 Years Old, 5.4kg (1.8kg Box X 3) for only Php4,647

PROMIL GOLD FOUR Powdered Milk Drink for Pre-schoolers Over 3 Years Old 7.2kg (1.8kg box x 4)for only Php6,196

Promil Gold FOUR is for children aged 3+. Not suitable as a breast milk substitute. Give Promil Gold Four as part of a balanced diet.

So what are you waiting for? Download the Shopee app now at Google store or Apple store and check out the Wyeth official store.

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