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Check out Metrobank Online Time Deposit and make your savings earn for you

Check out Metrobank Online Time Deposit and make your savings earn for you

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If you have big goals and extra funds on hand and you want sure returns, you can start growing your money with Metropolitan Bank & Trust Co.’s (Metrobank) Online Time Deposit.

Metrobank now allows its accountholders to conveniently and securely open a time deposit account through Metrobank Online, its internet banking platform.

You can enjoy higher interest rates with Metrobank’s Online Time Deposit. For a minimum placement amount of PHP 10,000, you can start your own time deposit and enjoy preferential interest rates, depending on the amount you save and term you choose. You can put in your money for as short as one month or for as long as 12 months and opt to either extend your time deposit or withdraw your funds and interest earnings.

Gross annual interest rate is subject to the amount and term length of your investment. For the latest rates, please check

For existing bank depositors with a Metrobank Online account, here’s how you can own and start saving with an Online Time Deposit:

•     Open your Metrobank Online account.

•     Go to Dashboard and click Open Time Deposit. Remember, there’s a 10:00 PM cut-off every banking day to apply for an Online Time Deposit.

•     Enter your Time Deposit account details—that includes your initial placement amount, source of account, term of your Time Deposit, and your preferred payout option once your Time Deposit matures—and click Next.

•     Review all your information, then click Submit

•     Input your 6-digit Metrobank Online account passcode, click Submit. Once all your information is in, confirm your Online Time Deposit application by clicking Done.

On the next banking day, expect an SMS and email in your Metrobank Online inbox on the status of your application. 

For accountholders without a Metrobank Online, you simply need to sign-up at to start investing in an Online Time Deposit. 

Open your Metrobank Online Time Deposit today and start enjoying higher interest rates. Learn more about Metrobank Online Time Deposit at