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Age Is Just A Number: Two Senior Citizens Celebrate After Passing The Bar Exams


Age Is Just A Number: Two Senior Citizens Celebrate After Passing The Bar Exams


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It is never too late for an individual to achieve their dreams, and this was proved by two senior citizens who became an inspiration to Filipinos after passing the 2023 bar exams.

On December 5, the Office of the Bar Chairman finally announced its bar exam passers for this year had a 36.77% passing rate after declaring over 3,000 examinees as qualifiers to be lawyers.

Out of all these passers, two examiners trended on social media after passing the bar exams at the ages of 62 and 64.

Proving that even after entering law school in her late 50s, she could still pass the bar exam, Rosuta Calacala was proud to say that she was one of the bar passers at the age of 62.

According to her interview with a local media network, Calacala was able to finish her law studies and pass the exam even though she is a mother of two who are also board passers and licensed public accountants.

Calacala also shared in her interview that she gave her time and dedication to pursue the bar examinations to help her constituents in the province, as she is also a public servant in a local government in Isabela.

Besides Calacala, another senior citizen made it to the list of bar passers as a proud son posted his father’s achievement through his Twitter account.

In an interview with a local media outlet, Val Bonite shared that, at the age of 64, his father never lost hope of taking the bar exams for the second time after falling short last year.

Having these individuals pass the recent bar exams was not only a celebration of their achievements but also an inspiration to others to continue striving for their goals because there will always be a right time for a person who keeps on believing in themselves.

The said bar exam passers will take their oaths as the new set of lawyers on December 22.

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