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Why Momshies Jolina Magdangal and Dimples Romana Choose Pampers as The Superior Sulit Diaper

Why Momshies Jolina Magdangal and Dimples Romana Choose Pampers as The Superior Sulit Diaper

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Times are changing very swiftly. It feels like it was just yesterday when we were presented with the new normal, and today, we are embracing what it brings. While parents find different ways to adapt and get by, it’s the Power Parents that truly thrive. It’s their ability to power through any situation armed with their sound judgment to make the best sulit choices for the family.

For Power Parents, sulit means that despite being on a tight budget, quality remains to be a high priority — especially when it comes to their children. Such is the case for diapers. While other parents may go for cheaper alternatives, power parents know that choosing quality is the wiser, more sulit decision.

To help Power Parents make the right sulit choice for baby’s diaper, Pampers has partnered with Magandang Buhay: Momshie Talks, wherein Momshie Jolina Magdangal, Dimples Romana and Dermatologist Dr. Luisa Puyat shared the importance of a high-quality diaper
offering long-lasting protection from babad.

When low-quality diapers sag, they tend to have poor absorption quality which leads to more diaper changes in a day, tricking parents into thinking they get the better deal. While these
appear cheaper at face value, in the long run, more money is actually spent.

Dr. Puyat also mentioned low-quality diapers that use synthetic fibers and strong chemicals may lead to skin problems such as diaper rash and irritations when baby’s skin is left babad in a pool of wetness which also causes discomfort when baby is left with a diaper that is lawlaw.

Yung ihi mismo ay nagiging irritant sa balat ng ating mga babies, so nagkakaron ng irritant contact dermatitis or allergic reaction dito. Kapag nagkasugat-sugat na ang balat ng ating mga babies, maaari nang pasukan ito ng bacterial infection at makikita mo na nag-nanana na yung mga balat nila kasi kinakamot din nila, at maaring pasukan ng fungal infection—ang itsura naman nito ay namumulang balat na may pangangaliskis,” Dr. Puyat added.

How do Power Parents choose what’s sulit for their babies?

When it comes to diapers, Momshie Dimples and Jolina are confident that they’ve made the right sulit choice for their babies by choosing Pampers Baby Dry Pants that gives long-lasting protection against babad.
Momshie Dimples said that she doesn’t need to constantly do a diaper change and frequently check her baby’s bum for leakage. “Buti na lang nasubukan ko ang Pampers! Ang Pampers Dry Pants kasi ay may triple pwet-tection. Una, naa-absorb instantly ang basa from front to back.

Pangalawa pa, may anti-leak guards — kaya walang tagas talaga. Pangatlo, hindi nakakairita sa skin dahil may additional layer ito na mabilis sumipsip ng basa kaya hindi mararamdaman ng mga babies na basa na diapers nila. Perfect!” She excitedly shared. As part of the sulit diaper regimen, it is important to use gentle products on baby that effectively cleanse yet does not irritate. Momshie Jolina mentions that Pampers also has baby wipes that are made perfect for baby’s sensitive skin when changing diapers. Pampers Sensitive Wipes
are free from alcohol, Parabens, and Phenoxyl-ethanol— keeping baby’s bum clean, dry, and free from irritation and discomfort. Dr. Puyat stressed the importance of Skin Health Alliance’s recommendation on Pampers quality with its triple pwet-tection against babad elements — saying that the accreditation means, “Ang iyong produkto ay may scientific basis o may scientific [evidence].”

To see more of the Momshies talk about their sulit choices for their babies, click here to
watch the Facebook Live video replay.

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