Saturday, June 10, 2023

Why is Data Science still the sexiest job in the world?


Why is Data Science still the sexiest job in the world?

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Data has become one of the most prized commodities. Well-known companies use data to develop business strategies, create or improve products, understand customers, finalize transactions, and ultimately, gain a profit. Since data is practically used everywhere, Data Science has become one of the fastest-growing fields, which is why it’s considered by many as the “Sexiest Job of the 21st Century.”


Dr. Mylen Aala-Capuno, chairman of Mapúa’s Department of Mathematics, explained that Data Science enables organizations to gain relevant insights to formulate accurate decisions and corresponding business actions. This wealth of information allows companies to optimize their operations and services. 


“Data Science is an interdisciplinary field for the study of data to extract meaningful insights that will lead to effective decisions. It combines the principles and techniques of mathematics, statistics, and computer science,” said Dr. Aala-Capuno.


Unknown to some, Data Science is widely used across various industries and is not exclusive to tech and finance giants alone. In fact, ordinary Filipinos experience its application and conveniences in everyday life. Whether browsing for content on video or audio streaming sites, searching for new business connections on professional networks, buying items on online marketplaces, or looking up lost long friends on social media, the breadth and potential of Data Science are limitless. This is also the reason why it is such a promising (and future-proof) career. 


“With data growing at an astronomical rate, the demand for data scientists is also growing, and forecasts show that this demand will grow to 36% in the next 10-15 years. Being a data scientist is a very lucrative job and is usually in the top 3 highest-paying jobs today,” added Dr. Aala-Capuno.


Mr. Edgar Adina, a Data Science professor, further explained that the career options of Data Science graduates are much like the data they explore and analyze, boundless.


“Data Science graduates have endless opportunities as long as data abounds in the digital universe. This includes data manager, data architect, data engineer, business analyst, machine learning scientist and engineer, statistician, data modeler, marketing analyst, fraud investigator, business intelligence developer, including a position in the academe,” explained Mr. Adina. 


Although the field seems highly technical, Dr. Aala-Capuno assured that anyone passionate about learning could pursue Data Science since the analytical skills highly valued in the specialization could be learned and developed. Of course, having basic knowledge of mathematics, statistics, and programming is also a good foundation for aspiring data science professionals. While superior mathematical skills could be an advantage, they’re not a requirement since the needed competencies will be taught and honed during the program. 


One such school that has been raising Filipino youth to become proficient in the field is Mapúa University. The University’s Data Science program is known for its highly-personalized mentorship that empowers students to learn beyond theories. The three-year program exposes students to numerous training sessions with real-life data using industry-accepted programming languages like Python, R, and software Power BI and MatLab. All courses are technology-integrated so that students can have multiple learning platforms and modalities.  


Mr. Adina stated that students will master essential skills like data management, data visualization, data mining and modeling, machine learning, and deep learning, including artificial intelligence and natural language processing. They will also have apprenticeship programs with Mapúa’s industry partners and job placement opportunities after graduation. 


In today’s fast-changing world, a career like Data Science is not only lucrative; it is future-ready. The field’s unlimited opportunities and relevance to everyday life assure graduates of professional growth and stability decades after they receive their degrees. For more information on Mapúa’s Data Science program, visit