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Take the pledge and get ready to Build a BakuNation!

Take the pledge and get ready to Build a BakuNation!

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theAsianparent and Team BakuNanay continue their advocacy for parents to learn more about safe vaccination to help their families against vaccine preventable diseases


theAsianparent and Team BakuNanay, with the support of Sanofi and other community partners, continue the movement to fight vaccine misinformation in the country with its nationwide campaign entitled, Building a BakuNation.

The campaign’s aim is to create a scaled-up version of its predecessor, the Team BakuNanay vaccine confidence campaign. BakuNanay stands for BAKUNA NANAY, representing a group of active moms from theAsianparent community who believe that vaccines are indeed effective and can help to protect their family from diseases.


Team BakuNanay was a result of a 2020 poll conducted by theAsianparent on their app, which found that 45% of Pinoy moms refused to have their children vaccinated by their pediatricians due to their fear of possible vaccine side effects. Within a year after launching, the Team BakuNanay community grew from 85 members to more than 9,000; positive sentiment increased by 15%; and 70% of Filipino mothers have agreed to have their children vaccinated according to a follow-up poll by theAsianparent. The campaign also launched a series of webinars that had a collective reach of 845,250 and over 110 thousand engagements. This successful run also led to the campaign bagging the Silver Award for Excellence in Customer Engagement and the finalist spot in the KOL/Influencer Marketing category at the 2021 Marketing Excellence Awards.

theAsianparent team with community partner Sanofi.

This time, through the Building a BakuNation campaign, the goal is to leverage the success of Team BakuNanay and continue its strong desire to keep children and communities safe by fighting vaccine misinformation in the country. In Building a BakuNation, parents can learn more about diseases and their impact, share their experiences on vaccine use for their kids, ask questions, and give and receive advice from others. During the online media launch hosted by Community Manager of Team BakuNanay and Davao-based BakuNanay herself, Ara Casas-Tumuran, parents, media friends, noted guests, and viewers from all over the country were introduced to the Building a BakuNation campaign with lots of engaging videos, trivia, Q&A, and exciting contests.


“Health is a love language,” according to Carla Perlas – VP for Communications at  theAsianparent, as she takes pride in how the campaign continues to go onward and upward and supports theAsianparent’s mission to help parents have healthy pregnancies and raise healthy families.

As a mom who gave birth during the COVID-19 pandemic, mommy influencer and BakuNanay Babzee Ferrer shares her reflections on how Team BakuNanay and the whole community has helped her gain the right information on vaccines by participating and joining  webinars that theAsianparent and Team BakuNanay have conducted in partnership with different credible organizations such as the Department of Health and Healthy Pilipinas throughout the year.


Candice Venturanza, Head of Content of theAsianparent also extends her appreciation to  the Team BakuNanay community as they strive to  help drive the movement for spreading the right and factual information on vaccines, and stressed to viewers that parents should provide vaccines just like how food is important to their kids.


With an inspiring video pledge featuring moms from across the nation and speaking their local dialects, to various support from private and public organizations such as Sanofi, DOH and various parenting communities, Building a BakuNation’s aim is to acquire 750,000 pledges by the end of 2022. This highly inclusive community is not just for moms but all members of the family, where everyone is encouraged to be mindful of their vaccinations and taking the opportunity to avail these for free at their local health centers, and continue to encourage member sign-ups from all over the country to join the advocacy to fight both misinformation and disinformation / increase vaccine confidence.

This exciting campaign is not only exclusive online, but will also feature various collaborations with theAsianparent Philippines’ supporters from mommy and parent communities, including:


●     Millennial Moms PH

●     Lifestyle Moms PH

●     Love Moms PH

●     MEMSHIES Mombassadors of Good Vibes

●     Bunch of Moms & Munchkins

●     Mars Club PH

●     Momma’s Universe Club PH

●     MINT (Mama, Ilaw ng Tahanan)

●     Mommies of Panabo

●     The Mothers Club

●     Inspiring Mommas

●     Thriving Moms



Check out the Building a BakuNation Content Hub which can be found in theAsianparentPH website and find everything related to vaccines and immunization. Join us and take the Pledge to fight vaccine misinformation by visiting