Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Sun Life Solidifies Client-centricity with Client Hour

Sun Life Solidifies Client-centricity with Client Hour

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Further concretizing its client-centered ethos, Sun Life Philippines (Sun Life) recently concluded Client Hour, a program that provides employees from various functions with opportunities to connect with clients and gain a deeper understanding of their needs.


With an initial focus on the Overseas Filipino and Business Owner segments, Client Hour consisted of a series of interactions where clients shared their concerns in their financial journey, allowing the employees to empathize with them better and recognize how their contributions matter. One of the core factors of client experience, employees play a crucial role in ensuring the clients’ unparalleled satisfaction as they journey towards a bright future.


“As the insurance industry continues to transform and amid the many technological advances happening, Sun Life is clear on its priority: our clients. The bonds we formed and the insights we gathered at Client Hour will guide our way forward, whether we are designing a product, creating a tool, or enhancing the experience we offer,” says Sun Life Chief Client Experience & Marketing Officer Carla Gonzalez-Chong. “We are grateful to the clients who participated In this initiative.”


To keep the momentum going, Sun Life will hold more Client Hour sessions in the coming months, engaging different Clients to further explore ways that it can be a Partner for Life to its clients.