Friday, May 31, 2024

Sparkle makes a splash this summer with their newest “Sparkada”

Sparkle makes a splash this summer with their newest “Sparkada”

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This April, Sparkle makes its biggest splash yet with the launch of 17 young and fresh faces that’s sure to brighten up your summer!

Aptly named “Sparkada,” each member of Sparkle’s newest barkada was handpicked by renowned Starmaker Mr. M for their colorful backgrounds, not to mention their potential to be the next leading stars in showbiz.


“All the members of the Sparkada have a certain ‘It Factor.’ You don’t know what it is, but it makes them unique, interesting, and attractive. They come from all over the Philippines and of course they are all young, fun, and exciting,” he said.

Mr. M also expressed his confidence in the Sparkada’s star power and trusts that their determination to succeed will help carry them far in their careers.


“Most of the Sparkada already have a strong social media following. They are already celebrities in their own spheres and rights. Sparkle is here to magnify it and make them even bigger stars. They have all been through intense workshops to make sure they are ready for the limelight.”

The boys and girls of Sparkada made their first on-screen appearance on All-Out Sundays this April 17 with an explosive number where these up-and-comers shone brightly as they gave it their all on stage. They also got to show off their individual charms starring in Sparkle’s first ever official summer music video.


The introduction of Sparkada marks Sparkle’s third launch for 2022 showing the talent management group’s drive to stir excitement and spark inspiration in the entertainment industry.