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Self-Care for Biz Owners: Why your health matters

Self-Care for Biz Owners: Why your health matters

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According to a business study by Capital One, forty-eight percent of small business owners claim to have experienced burnout in the past year. Most entrepreneurs struggle to devote time to their well-being. They work long hours and sit in front of a computer almost the entire day, making them more prone to fatigue and its health consequences.

Health is vital to entrepreneurs and the success of their business ventures. So, they must invest more time and effort into their physical and mental health. Dr. Jennifer “Ginny” Huliganga, Head of Group Medical Services for Sun Life Grepa, shares these health and fitness tips for busy entrepreneurs:



  1. Plan healthy meals.


Meal planning is often the last thing on business owners’ to-do list, but it should be a higher priority. “It’s non-negotiable,” she said. “Your body needs the proper fuel to keep moving and be productive.”

For entrepreneurs with packed schedules, meal prepping may be a good option. Prepare a few recipes during the weekend, then portion out the servings in microwavable containers for the entire week, ready to be reheated.


  1. Be creative with exercise.


Business owners who struggle to find time for exercise must be creative with it. They can multitask and do light exercises while still getting some work done. For example, some entrepreneurs, and even employees, buy a standing desk and a walking pad to get their steps in during their regular work hours.


  1. Don’t forget your vision.


“Eye health is something almost everyone takes for granted. But some entrepreneurs don’t realize how much burden long workhours puts on their eyes,” Huliganga said. Constant staring at phone or laptop screens damages the eyes and leads to headaches because of the pressure of the screen’s blue light on the eyes.

So, take short walks between screen time and not use a brightly lit screen in a dull environment, he advised. The room’s lighting must match the screen’s brightness to prevent straining the eyes.


  1. Breathe in, breathe out.


Stress management techniques such as yoga, meditation, and tai chi help diminish tension and anxiety. They promote mental clarity, enabling one to focus better and become more productive. These activities are also good for heart health as they help lower blood pressure, regulate breathing, and relax tense muscles.

  1. No man is an island.


Entrepreneurs cannot run a business by themselves; they need people who can help them turn their venture into a success. It’s important to know which tasks to delegate and to whom to ensure that no single aspect of the business is overlooked. Outsourcing services may also prove useful for owners struggling to or cannot afford to hire full-time staff.

Since the employees carry out business-critical tasks, entrepreneurs must ensure that their people are fit and healthy to perform well. Business owners must also invest in the health and well-being of their employees. They can do so by providing employee benefits like life insurance to their people.

This is why Sun Life Grepa designed three health protection plans under its MSME MyBiz program for small business owners looking to address their company’s and employees’ needs:

·         Sun Life Grepa Accident ProSafe is a packaged group insurance specifically designed for SMEs that offers comprehensive coverage against accidents.

·         Sun Life Grepa Smart Care Plus provides small business employees health and protection coverage against major uncertainties like death, disability, accidents, and critical illness.

·         Sun Life Grepa HIPSTER, or Health Insurance Plan for Small Enterprises, is an affordable insurance solution that provides life, accident, disability, and medical benefits for MSME employees.

“Employees are the lifeblood of every business, whether small or big. Investing in your employees’ health is equivalent to investing in your company’s success because it guarantees that your people can keep working on growing your business,” said Sun Life Grepa Vice President for Group Business Peter Miranda.

To know which Sun Life Grepa health protection plan suits your small business, contact a Sun Life Grepa advisor, visit any Sun Life Grepa branch, or visit Sun Life Grepa Healthcare’s Facebook page.