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#SayAloe to Long-Lasting Protection and Uninterrupted Playtime with Pampers Pants with Lotion with Aloe

#SayAloe to Long-Lasting Protection and Uninterrupted Playtime with Pampers Pants with Lotion with Aloe

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Pampers, the world-renowned brand dedicated to providing the utmost protection and care for babies, has just introduced an exciting upgrade to their Pampers Pants Rash Shield with Lotion with Aloe. It is designed to offer longer-lasting protection against wetness and rashes. Also now infused with more lotion with aloe, the diaper combats and prevents skin irritation, ensuring that more time is spent towards creating long-lasting memories and moments between parents and babies, and not on constant diaper checks, changes, and worries about leaks and rashes.


The grand unveiling of Pampers pants with Lotion with Aloe was marked by an engaging and informative panel discussion in the recently concluded Pampers Aloe World: The Land of Long Lasting Memories featuring Pampers’ newest Mombassador, Angelica Panganiban, together with Pediatricians Dr. Joey Cuayo-Estanislao and Dr. Roxanne Casis-Hao, also a member of the Philippine Pediatric Society.

IN PHOTO (L-R): Hosts Luis Manzano and Joyce Pring, Pampers Mombassador Angelica Panganiban, and Pediatricians Dr. Joey Cuayo-Estanislao and Dr. Roxanne Casis-Hao.


Dr. Cuayo-Estanislao, a Pediatrician and a mother herself, addressed commonly asked questions by parents, focusing on diaper rash and skin irritation, saying that the most common cause of diaper rash is moisture or overhydration, and highlighting findings from studies indicating that super absorbent diapers like Pampers Pants with Lotion with Aloe can significantly reduce diaper rash occurrences.


This is also echoed by Dr. Casis-Hao when she explains how irritant dermatitis, one of the most common types of diaper rash, happens, “If the diaper isn’t absorbent, the wet skin causes breakage in the barrier. So that ultimately first irritates the skin, causing inflamed skin. Then you add the pee and the poop, which has bacteria. This further causes the development of inflammation in that area.” She also emphasized the benefits of aloe for longer-lasting protection during precious moments with babies and toddlers. “Aloe gives that cooling and moisturizing effect, supported by studies showcasing its antibacterial and antioxidant properties. So, it’s very useful not just for sunburned skin but more for irritated and inflamed skin,” she explained.


Pampers pants has been proven to pull away wetness and keep baby’s skin dry and is now offering even longer-lasting protection as it can absorb 2x than its competitive diaper (against rewet for up to 8 hours vs Brand X). This, alongside the lotion with aloe on the diaper, offers parents peace of mind with an extra rash protection layer and the soothing benefits of aloe. Pampers keeps baby’s skin dry for longer, reducing diaper changes and saving money while allowing uninterrupted play for lasting memories.


Aside from discussing skin protection, guest Pediatricians also highlighted the long-term benefits of responsive or gentle parenting, and creating memories with kids. Parents are encouraged not to worry about spoiling them or holding them too much as these actions help them develop security, confidence, and independence as they grow. They also shared how deliberately making time and memories impact how a child’s brain and personality develop. “Their brains are more engaged, their personality, in terms of social, they are more independent, and they’re more able to cope with adversity if they have a childhood that’s very engaged, very nurturing. They will not remember every detail of what you did but they will remember how they had an enriching childhood. And that actually impacts how their brain and personality develops,” says Dr. Cuayo-Estanislao.

Pampers Philippines introduced and welcomed their newest Mombassador, Angelica Panganiban


Angelica Panganiban, a first-time mom, shared how she advocates being present or in the moment with her child Amila, removing any distractions when engaging with her child, “Hindi lang basta-basta nandun yung presensya mo. Kailangan present ka. (It’s not just about having a presence in their life, you have to be present.)” The new Pampers mombassador also attests to how Pampers helps her do this: “Napansin namin na no leaks, no rashes, and hindi kailangan palit-palitan kasi grabe yung absorption niya so longer lasting memories ang mabubuo mo kasi nga mas longer-lasting ang protection na binibigay ng Pampers sa kanya. (We noticed that there are no leaks, no rashes, and there’s no need to change it frequently because its absorption is excellent. This means you can create longer-lasting memories because Pampers provides longer-lasting protection for your baby).


During the event, parents were captivated by an array of interactive exhibits and immersive displays, providing them with a firsthand experience of the benefits of Pamper pants with Lotion with Aloe. Dedicated play zones allowed children to enjoy hours of uninterrupted delight, thanks to the exceptional protection offered by Pampers.


Recognizing the daily challenges faced by parents when it comes to ensuring their baby’s well-being and happiness, Procter & Gamble (P&G) Philippines, the multinational FMCG company behind iconic brands like Pampers understands that frequent diaper changes and associated irritations can disrupt babies’ playtime and comfort. With the newest variant of Pampers pants, P&G Philippines introduced a solution that not only protects the baby’s skin but also nurtures baby’s happy and healthy development.


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