Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Sassa Celebrates 20 Years with Diverse Styles & Sustainable Swimwear

Sassa Celebrates 20 Years with Diverse Styles & Sustainable Swimwear

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Summer’s calling! Upgrade your essentials with Sassa, a leading women’s brand offering stylish swimwear, activewear, and underwear.

Celebrating its 20th anniversary, Sassa unveils the #SassaForEveryLifestyle campaign, showcasing a diverse range of styles to empower Filipinas in every aspect of their lives. This year, Sassa is making a splash with a sustainable swimwear collection crafted from recycled materials ensuring that you’ll look good, feel good and do good this summer!

Sassa Chooses Sustainability

With two decades of styling experience for Filipinas, Sassa remains committed to offering more styles while embracing sustainable fashion. This dedication is highlighted by the launch of its Sustainable Swimwear Collection, the Lush Paradise and Surreal Blooms Collections. Crafted from recycled fabric composed of 88% recycled polyester sourced from PET bottles and textile waste, this swimwear not only ensures style and support but also promotes sustainability.


“As we step into a new decade, Sassa goes beyond style and chooses sustainability. Compared to traditional production methods, our recycled fabric conserves water, energy, and minimizes chemical usage,” said Raiza Limpiada, Marketing & E-commerce Manager of Sassa. “This contributed to a greener future for all, aligning perfectly with our #SassaForEveryLifestyle campaign.”

Celebrating #Sassa20YearsOfStyling

The #SassaForEveryLifestyle campaign celebrates the diverse journeys of Filipina women, recognizing their unique style aspirations and equipping them with the perfect outfits to conquer their everyday lives with confidence.


Whether you’re a sporty chic hitting the gym, an adventurous gal exploring new terrains, a boss babe mastering the boardroom, a poolside princess soaking up the sun, a trendsetter diva who’s always ahead of the curve, or a minimalist muse finding joy in comfy basics, Sassa offers a diverse range of clothing that seamlessly integrates into your daily routine.


“Sassa’s 20th year is a testament to our unwavering commitment to becoming more than just a clothing brand, but a lifestyle partner for Filipinas,” she emphasized. “Through this campaign, we encourage every woman to embrace their inner #SassaGirl, who celebrates, inspires and empowers each other, showcasing a beautiful fusion of style, adventure, and sisterhood. At the same time, we want to champion responsible fashion, allowing it to make a positive impact on the environment,” she concluded.


This summer, dive into the essence of this lifestyle with Sassa offerings, spanning from underwear, activewear, to swimwear, all meticulously crafted with the best price and quality, catering to diverse shapes and sizes. Find your perfect fit in all leading department stores nationwide and online via and other top e-commerce platforms.


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