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PascualLab Goes Beyond Natural with WellGreens’ New Premium and Certified Organic Products & New Partner in Health

PascualLab Goes Beyond Natural with WellGreens’ New Premium and Certified Organic Products & New Partner in Health

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Pascual Laboratories, Inc. (PascualLab), one of the top-of-mind pharmaceutical companies in the Philippines, launches its natural food supplement brand WellGreens’ newest premium and certified organic products in a campaign and with a new partner in health.

Choose Premium and Certified Organic – WellGreens

WellGreens delivers the organic goodness and natural benefits of these premium ingredients in one convenient capsule:

  • Sinta – helps to lower blood sugar and relieve symptoms of common colds.
  • Mangosteen + Malunggay – aids in weight management and boosting the immune system and milk production in lactating women
  • Lagundi + Cuban Oregano – helps relieve mild to moderate cough7 and for Cuban Oregano,increases expectoration.
  • Turmeric – helps reduce inflammation or relieve the pain caused by osteoarthritis and alleviate exercise-induced muscle soreness10
  • Ginger – helps ease migraine, dysmenorrhea, and heavy menstrual bleeding
  • Malunggay – benefits people with poor nourishment, compromised immunity, anemia, as well as lactating women
  • Ampalaya – helps reduce blood sugar level and other risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease, such as body weight, blood pressure, and blood lipid levels.

These premium and certified organic WellGreens natural food supplements are made from high-quality and 100% organic ingredients grown and manufactured in one of the largest organic farms in the Philippines, Leonie Agri Corp – a PascualLab subsidiary.

Each WellGreens product is made by LAC using a combination of internationally certified organic methods and adherence to high pharmaceutical standards. LAC is proudly certified organic by the USDA and EU Organic and is also certified by the Department of Agriculture for Good Agricultural Practice, the Food and Drug Authority for Good Manufacturing Practice, and by the Islamic Dawah Council for Halal. These further ensure premium quality in each product.

Alice Dixson Starts Making Good Choices

And in going beyond, WellGreens also takes it further as it welcomes movie and TV actress, and model Alice Dixson, as its newest brand endorser.  Dixson is also a fitspiration so it makes her the natural choice for WellGreens as she walks the talk in terms of her personal journey towards health and wellness.

Dixon says: “I started as a commercial model and my initial foray has taken me to TV and then to movies.  Just like my work, I’ve also experienced going out of my comfort zone in terms of my health. Years ago, I started working out and eating healthy and I have not looked back since.”  She adds: “Now that I’m a mother, it all the more makes sense to start making good choices for my health. That’s why WellGreens’ offer came at such a right time.”

So whether in life or in health, go beyond natural. Choose the premium and certified organic food supplements of WellGreens.

WellGreens organic natural food supplements are exclusively available in Mercury Drug branches nationwide and at PascualLab’s flagship Lazada and Shopee stores.