Friday, July 19, 2024

PascualLab extends the love to less fortunate children via World Vision’s CHOSEN

PascualLab extends the love to less fortunate children via World Vision’s CHOSEN

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After marking its 75th anniversary with the theme #PascualLove, and manifesting it via the company’s CSR initiatives, PascualLab renews its ties with charitable donations organization World Vision to help less fortunate children in Malabon.  A virtual MOA signing was mounted last week to seal the partnership.

Through the World Vision program CHOSEN which enables children in select communities to choose their sponsors, PascualLab and its employees were able to help over 75 children in 2021, via the sponsorship of over 140 PascualLab employees.


To continue sharing the #PascualLove and helping these children, one of the Philippines’ most well-loved pharmaceutical companies ¹ and its employees once again joined hands with World Vision.


This year, most employees are renewing their sponsorships, to help children in need of educational support and health essentials.


According to VP for Corporate HROD and DSCC Mia Pascual Cenzon: “Corporate Social Responsibility has always been part of PascualLab’s thrust.  In realizing this, it has always been our goal to pursue initiatives that are long-term rather than “one-offs”. Through this partnership with World Vision, we hope to see these children graduate to the next level and help enable them to achieve their dreams through education and health.”

Aside from Cenzon, present at the MOA signing were LAC President and CEO Antonio “Tony” Causing, PascualLab Supply Group’s Senior Vice President and Chief Manufacturing Officer Higinio “Jun” Porte, Senior Vice President for Finance Accounting, ICTD Rowena “Weng” Punsalan, and Internal Audit and Risk Management Head Rodney Doromal. The event was hosted by Lara Dela Cruz, PascualLab’s Senior Manager for Design Services and Corporate Communications together with World Vision’s Donor Care Manager Precious Hope Basco.


National Director Rommel Fuerte led the World Vision team. Joining him were Strategy Management and Quality Assurance Director Vanessa Retuerama, Resource Development Director Jun Godornes, New Sponsor Engagement Specialist El Joy Beneza, Contact Center Officer Marc Klauzen Perez, and Acquisitions Manager Cherry Valencia.


To thank PascualLab for the second year of partnership, the World Vision Team accorded the company and its employees a “Project Salute”, led by Retuerama.

Retuerma shared: “With hundreds of children supported through the years, this partnership is one that we are very proud of, and always eager to share with others.” She added: “That said, we are pleased to award this World Vision “One for Children” Seal as a symbol of our unending gratitude and appreciation for PascualLab’s loyalty towards World Vision and the children we support.”


The seal, made by a former World Vision beneficiary, artist, and owner of Papelemento Design Kit Gresos, is symbolic of how philanthropy can bring great opportunities for children, tenfold.


To take its partnership with World Vision and support for the kids further, PascualLab employees hope to meet their sponsored children once the current situation becomes more favorable health-wise. Meanwhile, PascualLab continues to support the World Vision-assisted community in Malabon and even beyond through its family-friendly and quality health and wellness products.