Thursday, June 13, 2024

PAL presents Flight Reels: Heartwarming stories in the skies

PAL presents Flight Reels: Heartwarming stories in the skies

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Flag carrier Philippine Airlines announces the launch of its new “Flight Reels” video series, which celebrates acts of kindness and compassion at 30,000 feet.


PAL Flight Reels highlights heartfelt and memorable passenger experiences. Based on real-life events, viewers can expect to witness touching stories and the warm, caring service that has defined the airline’s service philosophy.


The core message of PAL Flight Reels is the carrier’s unwavering commitment to provide service excellence embodying the Heart of the Filipino. The PAL brand of service extends beyond safety and comfort. PAL goes the extra mile to ensure that every passenger feels genuinely embraced by the warmth and hospitality that define the Filipino culture.


PAL Flight Reels also shines light on heroes in the sky – passengers and crew members who have demonstrated exceptional kindness, courage, and compassion when traveling and flying with the flag carrier.


For PAL Flight Reels’ pilot episode, viewers will be taken on the journey of a mother who unexpectedly gave birth in flight. The episode not only highlights the extraordinary circumstances of this mid-air birth but also underscores the above and beyond service of PAL’s dedicated crew members.  The cabin crew ensured that the mother’s delivery took place with the utmost care and safety, demonstrating their unwavering focus and commitment to the passengers’ well-being.


“As the country’s flag carrier, we are not just transporting people; we are connecting hearts by spreading the genuine care and compassion of Filipino hospitality. PAL Flight Reels reflects our brand of service, and it is an ode to the heartwarming moments our passengers experience with us,” shares Capt. Stanley Ng, PAL President & Chief Operating Officer.


Join this unique journey as PAL elevates acts of kindness and compassion to new heights. Watch the first episode of PAL Flight Reels via PAL’s official Facebook page and YouTube Channel at and