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Make your voice heard at the 2022 Election, JAAF urges

Make your voice heard at the 2022 Election, JAAF urges

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It’s just a few days before the end of the registration period for next year’s elections, and the J. Amado Araneta Foundation, Inc. (JAAF) is encouraging everyone, especially the youth, to make their voices heard.

This September 27, to help get more people registered, Araneta City, JAAF, and the Commission on Election (COMELEC) will hold a one-day satellite voter registration at Ali Mall. An important detail that needs to be taken into account is that the satellite registration will only be available to residents of the 3rd District of Quezon City. Only 250 slots will be made available, plus 100 more for Senior Citizens, PWDs and pregnant women, and it is on a first come, first served basis.

“The 2022 National Election will especially be consequential because we’ll vote for new occupants of some of the highest positions of the land,” Diane Romero, JAAF Executive Director said. “This is an opportunity for all of us to take part in setting the future of our country and our people, and we hope that all of us will do our part by getting registered to vote.”

JAAF is the social development arm of the Araneta Group. The programs that it runs center on education, culture, arts, sports development, community development, and religious/spiritual development. Nationwide, it supports over 200 scholars, and its core reach includes the Greater Manila Area, Negros Occidental, and Rizal Province.

Aside from the satellite voter registration, JAAF is also undertaking voter education with the help of its #JAAFYouthOpines series that is posted in all social media pages of JAAF. Through the help of #JAAFYouthOpines correspondents, who are also JAAF scholars, some of the most important topics for the youth are discussed in the prism of the upcoming 2022 Elections while encouraging other young people to go out and vote.

“We are so proud of the #JAAFYouthOpines correspondents. At such a young age they eloquently put the most relevant issues that they face and how our future leaders can help them address these issues. They are also using this platform to invite more young people get involved,” Romero added.

Romero also expressed how JAAF is extremely heartened by the fact that though our country continues to reel from the effects of the pandemic on our everyday lives, many Filipinos have decided to take part in next year’s elections.

“It is impressive to hear that over 60 million Filipinos are now registered for the 2022 National Elections. We are confident that more Filipinos will be added to that number as we draw closer to the deadline of registration. We express the need to quickly expand the voter’s registration coverage through private and public collaboration, and the introduction of innovative ways to improve the system. So again, we hope that people take the opportunity to register and take part in one of our most sacred obligations to our country and our democracy—exercising our right to vote,” Romero concluded.

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