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Learn About Whisper #PreskoSquad’s ultimate period hack at Night And get a chance to win exclusive Whisper prizes!


Learn About Whisper #PreskoSquad’s ultimate period hack at Night And get a chance to win exclusive Whisper prizes!

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To most girls, having their period may mean not having any good sleep for a week, worrying about tagos. Does doubling your pad, layering towel on top of your sheet and wearing two pairs of shorts sound familiar? These red night tricks and other coping methods, while it may work, are too much work and hassle-filled!


To help women get that well-deserved, good night’s sleep when it is that time of the month, we introduced the NEW Whisper Breathable Cottony Nights! We asked our #PreskoSquad how Whisper’s ultimate period hack changed the way they slept during their red nights:


“Alam niyo ba na when I have my periods at night, I always encounter tagos and hindi ako free gumalaw because I worry that my pad will not work for me. Buti na lang I can #HingaLangGirl and still have presko sleep with my newest discovery, the Whisper Breathable Cottony Night!” – AC Bonifacio, dancer and influencer.

“Going to sleep ‘pag may period, I always encounter tagos and hindi free and pag galaw. Buti na lang I can #HingaLangGirl and have the Presko Pahinga feeling with the Whisper Breathable Cottony Nights! Kahit anong gulong ko in bed, the Deep Anti-Tagos Channels and thousands of airflow vents keep my sheets clean. It’s also longer and has *88% wider back kaya I’m never worried when I wake up.” –Maris Racal, actress and musician.


“After feeling presko all-day, now I can also sleep comfortably without worrying about any tagos. I am certified presko and protektado with the Whisper Breathable Cottony Nights.” – Belle Mariano, young star.


“Thanks to Whisper Breathable Cottony Nights… I don’t have to worry about tagos habang natutulog!” – Francine Diaz, Kapamilya’s Kadenang Ginto Star

“No more tagos nights and sticky icky feeling habang nasa bed. All of this because of Whisper Breathable Cottony Nights!” – Andrea Brillantes, Kapamilya Star and one of Tiktok’s leading influencer

Like the #PreskoSquad, you too can win against those tagos moments at night. The new Whisper Breathable Cottony Nights have longer and wider pads, with up to 88% additional back coverage (vs. Whisper Regular pads). One pad also has thousands of airflow vents allowing you to enjoy a kulob-less and worry-free feeling.

To make things more exciting, we want you to join our #WhisperPreskoNight TikTok video contest and share with us your red night struggles and #PeriodHacks before discovering Whisper Breathable Cottony Nights! Read the instructions below:

  • This contest is open to girls of at least eighteen (18) years of age.
  • LIKE and FOLLOW Whisper Philippines on Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok.
  • Stitch any of the Whisper Presko Squad’s #WhisperPreskoNight videos share your Red Night struggles before discovering Whisper’s #PeriodHack, and end it with your best Whisper “W” pose!



  • Don’t forget to use these hashtags: #WhisperPreskoNight #HingaLangGirl


Submit your #WhisperPreskoNight entries by sending them via on or before February 28, 2022, 11:59 PM.


Stay tuned for the announcement of winners! In the meantime, good luck and #HingaLangGirl!