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Imagination lands on as airline keeps kids entertained while staying at home

Imagination lands on as airline keeps kids entertained while staying at home

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Leisure travel is suspended and schools are out, but imagination has landed on The family-friendly airline has launched a special activity page on its website to help keep kids entertained while staying at home.

The Emirates Fly with Me Animals have been digitised so families can take advantage of colourful puzzles, stories and activities featuring friendly, familiar faces – all from the comfort of their own home. Decades of making air travel fun for little passengers has given the world’s largest international airline a wealth of experience in keeping children happy and occupied.

Parents and kids can download and print out a 16-page Fly with Me Animals colouring book to get re-acquainted with Lewis the Lion, Peek U the Panda, Ernie the Penguin, Savannah the Elephant, Brett the Bear, Mia the Manta Ray, and ChaoChao the alligator.

Connect with family and friends by sending a special message to those near and far, using one of the easily downloadable postcards, or keep your most treasured snaps in a downloadable photo frame featuring the much-loved animals.

Kids can learn to bake a tasty treat with a yummy banana cake recipe or go on an adventure with the Animals in a series of videos for children.

The Fly with Me Animals activity magazines are also available to download, and each issue is filled with puzzles and games making learning fun. Those missing the cuddly travel companions can still visit the Emirates Official Store to purchase the toys and take them home.

The curated activities were launched to provide the perfect chance for kids to get extra creative and discover ways to make home-learning enjoyable. In the last year, Emirates presented 4.4 million ‘Fly with me’ kids’ toys and Lonely Planet bags and 3.7 million ‘Fly with me’ magazines and sets of colouring pencils on board, reaffirming its position as the preferred airline worldwide for family travel.