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How Mapúa’s program assessment tool helps you realize your dream college program

How Mapúa’s program assessment tool helps you realize your dream college program

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If you’re an applicant enrolling for the first time at Mapúa University, you might have heard of the MPASS or Mapúa Program Placement Assessment. It is the first step in your college or senior high school journey in Mapúa, the country’s premier engineering and technological school.

But did you know that the MPASS is more than just a simple qualifying exam to be accepted to the University? Here are three reasons why MPASS is a one-of-a-kind assessment tool and is great for incoming senior high school students and college freshmen:


It’s not really a qualifying exam

The MPASS is more of an assessment tool than an exam, although it is a requirement for you to be accepted for admission. The MPASS is Mapúa University’s standardized assessment tool that measures the student’s cognitive and academic development. It is a holistic way for the University to review applicants and a helpful tool for aspiring Mapúans to comprehensively identify which senior high school strand or college program to take. You can choose which program to enroll in based on your assessment score that matches the program profile.


Take it online and at your own pace

As an applicant, you can take the MPASS from the comfort of your own home, online, and at your own pace. You can prepare better, focus, and think through your answers without the external pressures brought on by face-to-face entrance exams.


An early glimpse of Mapúa’s digital learning tools

The University offers both blended and fully online programs delivered through Cardinal EDGE, Mapúa’s very own platform for online education that gives students access to all learning tools, resources, and coursework to pursue their education despite geographic, social, economic, and time constraints. As early as the MPASS, you get the chance to access the portal and get a glimpse of how online courses are conducted.

A one-of-a-kind assessment exam, the MPASS grants you the chance to study at one of the best universities in the world that offers locally and internationally recognized programs in Engineering, Architecture, Information Technology, Business, Health Sciences, Media Studies, and more!


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