Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Here are 5 ways to maximize your saving habits this 2024

Here are 5 ways to maximize your saving habits this 2024

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The start of a new year often brings resolutions to save more and spend wisely. But what if we told you that you can still indulge in quality treats without breaking the bank?

As we plan for the new year ahead, we’re sharing some tips to help you save smart without skimping on the simple delights that can make 2024 just a little sweeter.

Set your financial goals. It’s hard to be committed to saving when you don’t have a clear goal. Saving without a true plan can make you easily lose focus, which is why setting these long-term and short-term goals can help you get excited about it.

After setting your goals, it’s time to review your finances. Find out what you’re spending on and classify your wants versus your needs, as these can be different for each person.


Once you’ve factored in all your expenses, create a realistic budget and compute how much you’ll need to set aside to reach your saving goals. With all this, you can get started on creating a budget customized for you.

For example, people who love to snack can make the most of their spending plan by budgeting for simple treats like Red Ribbon’s Cheesy Ensaimada. With Red Ribbon’s take on the classic Pinoy treat priced now at just Php 35, you can smile and say cheese to more savings.

To help improve your saving habits, you can identify your own pain points to find the best solutions. You can automate bank processes to make saving up easier or leave your credit card at home to stop you from impulse buying.

Find yourself splurging a lot because of spur-of-the-moment cravings? Keeping a simple baon handy like Red Ribbon’s Butter Mamon can make all the difference. This sweet, buttery, and light pastry is just as light on the wallet at now only Php 30! You can even go for a bundle of 5s for P140, or 10s for P280.

Lastly, for all your efforts, do not forget to reward yourself.

After setting milestones in your savings journey and achieving them, reward yourself with your favorite food and maybe even celebrate with loved ones with Red Ribbon’s Chocolate Dedication Cake 12×12! With its price going down from P890 to P850, it is definitely another choice that’s great value for money.

2024 is the year to save up while savoring delightful moments! Treat yourself and your loved ones to these delectable cakes and pastries by visiting a Red Ribbon store near you or ordering via the Red Ribbon websiteRed Ribbon app, or the GrabFood and foodpanda apps.