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Grand Videoke Inspires Optimism and Hope with Bahay-Entablado, A Singing Community

Grand Videoke Inspires Optimism and Hope with Bahay-Entablado, A Singing Community

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There is no better time to meditate on this quote than the present moment. With our lives thrown into havoc and uncertainty because of the pandemic, it became normal for a lot of us to focus on the numbers, the things that we can no longer do, and the constant messages that only seem to turn grimmer and grimmer every passing day.  


But just like what the talented Walt Disney said in one of his most famous quotes, happiness is simply a state of mind—and this is exactly what Grand Videoke, one of the top providers of entertainment home systems in the country, is trying to drive home by introducing its singing community, Bahay Entablado. 


As Filipinos, it is part of our DNA to always find the silver lining in everything, regardless of what we are facing as individuals and as a country. It is the reason why singing is such a huge part of our culture and why its meaning has been elevated to equal the meaning of family bonding, friendship, celebration, and of course, happiness. 


“Bahay Entablado is our way of inspiring hope,” Jin Cortez, Grand Videoke Marketing OIC shares. “We are used to having our videoke sessions in large groups, but we say happiness doesn’t need to stop just because we are far apart from each other right now. Why not turn your very own home into your own stage?” 

Enjoyment does not need to be complicated and Grand Videoke’s newest campaign is a good example of this. Besides starting a creative competition among its participants, it is also aimed to inspire others to follow suit and pursuit their own enjoyment in the comfort of their own homes. 


“We’re hoping that by doing this, we can show others that there really is nothing that can stop us from having a good time. We can always find ways to have the time of our lives with a little adjustment and some creativity. We want to make every Filipino home a venue for entertainment.” Cortez explains.  


Moreover, the campaign and online community also act as a symbolic effort to breathe life once more to live entertainment by bringing into the limelight the entertainment industry, as well as performing artists. In fact, the singing contest has boarded Nar Cabico, a Texas-based theater actor, singer, and songwriter as one of its judges and celebrity supporters. Cabico bagged the Best Actor crown in 2019 for his film “Akin ang Korona” at Sinag Maynila.  


“One of the things that truly make us feel alive as Filipinos ay ang videoke. So, I hope this initiative helps us create good vibes and positivity especially during times when everybody just wants to be uplifted. And there is nothing more uplifting than a good videoke session,” Cabico shares.  

The company, which is powered by the dynamic powerhouse Audio-Video Solutions Corporation (AVSC), has always been on top of providing world-class entertainment to everyone with their products. And while Grand Videoke doesn’t discriminate regardless of singing prowess, the Grand Videoke Symphony 3 Pro is also equipped with advanced technologies like its proprietary feature Perfect Pitch, a scoring system that guides users to improve their singing skills using an interactive real-time feedback to help anyone improve their singing.  

“Just because there are limits doesn’t mean the fun has stopped. If you cannot go out to have your usual round of fun, we are going to bring it to everyone in their very own homes,” Cortezcloses. 


Want to know more about Grand Videoke? Check out their website for a detailed look at their products.