Friday, May 31, 2024

Dr. Shiba Officially Launches its Revolutionary Dog Supplement Treats in the Philippines

Dr. Shiba Officially Launches its Revolutionary Dog Supplement Treats in the Philippines

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Good news to all fur parents! Dr. Shiba officially launches in the Philippines with its range of high-end functional dog snacks. With a mission to upgrade and enrich the everyday lives of dogs, the holistic dog wellness brand is focused on creating functional products tailored to every dog’s needs.

The German-formulated dog snacks were co-developed and endorsed by veterinary experts as functional supplements packed into yummy reats. Dr. Shiba is able to offer a healthy and delicious alternative to probiotic supplements for dogs.


“Having owned dogs ourselves in the founders’ team, we know that it’s incredibly hard to find the right kind of healthy snack for your canine that also tastes yummy. We, therefore, set out to create an assortment of different healthy snacks supporting your dog’s specific needs while still tasting great,” says Simon Hornstein, Dr. Shiba’s COO.


Using selected high-quality natural ingredients, Dr. Shiba is able to provide sustainable, toxin-free snacks and essentials for dogs. The treats are packed with nutrients that offer health benefits for dogs in the most convenient and fun ways. Currently, Dr. Shiba has three dog supplements treats available:

• Happy Tummy, which is created to encourage healthy digestion in dogs and help them build a stronger immunity towards illness;

• Jolly Joints, set to strengthen joints and hips, protect dogs against injury, and to improve balance and coordination, and

• Silky Fur to provide dogs with perfectly shiny and soft fur.


Additional products are already being developed by the Dr. Shiba team.

Dr. Shiba has quickly garnered support from local vet and dog clinic communities in the Philippines. Dr. Sidney dela Torre from Pawsome Space Comfort & Care Vet Clinic shares, “Dr. Shiba provides you with supplements that are not just beneficial for your pets but their products are tasty as well! The treats are not just packed with good raw materials, but their products are highly palatable to ensure that your pets will love to munch on these healthy, yummy treats!”

Dr. Shiba is now available online at a discounted rate to celebrate their launch. Using the code OFF10, you can redeem an additional 10% discount off of the exclusive launch offer for all three supplements (PHP 1,300 instead of PHP 3,000) at Show your dog some love and get some Dr. Shiba goodies now!


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