Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Breakthrough Study Reveals Effectiveness of Difflam® Lozenges on COVID-19 Sore Throat

Breakthrough Study Reveals Effectiveness of Difflam® Lozenges on COVID-19 Sore Throat

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A recent clinical study done by the UERM Memorial Medical Center Research team shows Difflam®, locally-available antiseptic throat lozenges with generic Benzydamine HCl + Cetylpyridinium Cl, significantly alleviates COVID-19 Sore Throat – as tested in COVID-19 Patients.

The In Vivo study was led by Dr. Jennifer M. Nailes, MD, MSPH, Vice-President for Research at UERMMMC, in collaboration with a team of medical experts, aiming to determine the real-world effectiveness of Difflam® antiseptic lozenges in treating the throat pain of COVID-19 patients under routine medical practice conditions.

The clinical study involved Filipino patients confirmed to have COVID-19 infection and experienced sore throat. Notably, the study participants reported accelerated recovery and significant relief from the discomfort associated with this common symptom, having been given Difflam® antiseptic lozenges with generic Benzydamine HCl + Cetylpyridinium Cl to relieve their throat pain. This real-world effectiveness study further supports the brand’s distinction as the Most Prescribed Sore Throat Brand by Doctors (Per IQVIA PMDI Data MAT 2022).

Complementing the study’s findings, Difflam® Philippines has launched the empowering “Push Your Best Self Forward” campaign, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing health and well-being in the transition to a post-pandemic era. The campaign catalyzes Filipinos to embark on a transformative journey toward holistic well-being, where living life to the fullest synergistically integrates with COVID-19 preventive measures. Best practices on health and hygiene standards learned from the past COVID-19 surges have become mainstays as Filipinos rejuvenate their lives and unlock their best selves in this different kind of normal.

iNova Pharma Philippines, Inc Managing Director Jason Carroll, expressed his excitement about the groundbreaking study and its role in Filipinos’ lives today, “This clinical study underscores our commitment to provide evidence-based solutions that empower individuals to lead healthier lives. We’re living in a Different Normal now where we revitalize our lives while synergistically preventing COVID-19 infection. As we transition forward into the post-crisis period of the pandemic, Difflam® is dedicated to supporting Filipinos in their pursuit of getting back to living their best lives,” Carroll said.

As the post-pandemic era unfolds, Difflam® Philippines continues to drive positive change by providing scientific evidence of their products’ efficacy. Through its evidence-based solutions and the “Push Your Best Self Forward” campaign, Difflam® positions itself as a catalyst for transformation, from crisis to resilience, helping enrich the lives of Filipinos nationwide as we push on to live our best.