Tuesday, June 18, 2024



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As 2024 continues to unlock fresh beginnings and possibilities, kids and their families again face an exciting new chapter – back to school. This activity-filled time provides an excellent opportunity for parents to ensure that their young ones are ready to make the most of their experiences as they resume learning.


As kids happily get geared up, parents are invited to consider and make more mindful choices that support their children’s active bodies and hungry minds – and for this purpose, making their kids’ “baon” more delicious, nutritious, and fun gets top marks.

During this period, Milkana, Savencia Fromage & Dairy’s premium international brand, encourages and inspires parents to make healthy and delicious snacking a part of their kids’ daily routines. 


With all the tempting junk food and sweets that kids can consume during school mealtimes, parents could be worried about their eating preferences. Milkana wants to share with these parents that more nutritious and enjoyable options are available, like the brand’s Creamy Lollipops, launched last August 2023. 


Milkana recently released a fun film about their new and nutritious Creamy Lollipops, which can be viewed today online – including on Facebook and Instagram.


These fun and delicious bite-sized dairy snacks are packed with milk proteins containing essential amino acids, calcium, and vitamin D, which builds stronger bones. They’re also made with zero preservatives, giving parents peace of mind that they’re serving honest-to-goodness “baon” snacks to their kids.


With Milkana Creamy Lollipops, there’s always a fantastic flavor to love and share. Kids can enjoy four variants: Fruit Heart Strawberry, the main variant with natural fruit filling, Yogurt N Fruits, Mixed Berries, and Milky Ice Cream – all adapted to their tastes. 


Since the Creamy Lollipops were launched, many Filipino kids, and even their moms and dads, have enjoyed them and experienced their benefits. Coming with cool animal designs and practical packaging, eating them is fun, easy, and hassle-free. All it takes to bite into milky goodness is to open them up, lick, nibble, and enjoy them slowly.


With Milkana offering these treats, the brand invites parents to bring their kids and other family members into a more nutritious journey – for better health, enjoyment, and satisfaction as they engage in their activities.


Flora Guyenot, Southern Asia Marketing Director of Savencia Fromage & Dairy, the makers of Milkana, says: “During the back-to-school season, snacking moments with Milkana Creamy Lollipops can be made better for kids’ nutrition, especially when it comes to their daily “baon.” At Savencia, we believe in offering delicious and nutritious treats that infuse joy in every experience – those that also spark fun and imagination while boosting health. Our Creamy Lollipops truly and strongly represent our dedication to helping Filipino families lead better lifestyles. We hope more kids and their parents will try and enjoy them!”


Milkana’s premium snacks are now available at major leading supermarkets and outlets.


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