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5 Items To Have While Spending A Rainy Day Indoors

5 Items To Have While Spending A Rainy Day Indoors

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After weeks of staying at home, online shopping has become a vital part in ensuring that staying at home becomes more tolerable and comfortable, especially that we spent almost the entirety of summer indoors. It also helped us adjust to the changes that came with pandemic.


And thus, the rainy season is upon us and the flourishing e-commerce offers options that will make staying home even more comfortable. The rainy season can be quite harsh, but we sometimes welcome it as a chance to slow down, take a break, and unplug from the challenges we have.


J&T Express, the number one e-commerce delivery in Southeast Asia, suggests these 5 items to make a naturally gloomy rainy day become more of a stress-relieving self-care day.


1.    Weighted Blanket – Rainy days brings out that “I wanna sleep-in all day” mood and just lie down on your bed, spend the entire day watching a movie, eat, and sleep. A weighted blanket is perfect to keep you warm from the cold rainy weather and it’s 100% cotton, so it’s super comfortable to the skin. Between that and the weight, it offers a gentle sensation that helps you have a deep and restful sleep.


2.    Scented Candles – Well you’re going to spend the entire day indoors, thus why not have the warming, soothing, and relaxing aroma of your favorite odor in your home. You can choose from lavender, vanilla, cinnamon, and more, especially since these scents can help you relieve stress. So, try to get one and light it up while having a bath, reading a book, or listening to music and feel your day becoming stress-free.


3.    Skincare Sets – It’s another way to relax and de-stress all your worries away. There so many skincare products you can buy online that are affordable, and are high-quality products. Stress can bring acnes and blackheads that can only make you more stressed, so on a day that you can spend de-stressing having smoother skin can make your day better.


4.    Board Games – Believe it or not, there’s actually stress that’s good for the body and scientists call it “eustress” short for euphoric stress. So, playing fun games or doing active activities may not be a chill, relaxing way to spend a rainy day, but it does give a breath of fresh air that you can spend your time on fun recreational activities. Plus, it’s a good way to spend time with the people you are living with.


5.    Noise-Cancelling Headphones –Some people find it relaxing watching a rainy view and listen to sound of the rain, some people find it relaxing listening to music while looking at rain. Music is another good way to help you de-stress and reenergize you, even when listening to sad music. It helps us understand what we are feeling and change our mood, thus a good way to spend a rainy day.


These are only some of the items you can buy online to have a relaxing and recreational way to spend a rainy day. J&T Express is a reliable e-commerce courier partner ensuring that the packages make it to customers safe and fast. They have even taken precautions to make deliveries safer like wearing of gloves and facemasks, and sanitizing at all times.


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