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SvelTis new non-intrusive services remove back pains, bulging body parts, and aging effects on the skin

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The SvelTi Aesthetic Centre, the premiere health, wellness, and beauty center in Metro Manila, has recently launched three cutting-edge treatments that can address stress-related medical conditions. Lumbago treats back pains caused by a high-pressure lifestyle. Cellushape reduces bulging body parts, such as arms and legs, which have been caused by an accumulation of cellulite. Hollywood Vita Facial removes wrinkles and other blemishes from the face, while infusing it with nutrients that can make its skin even healthier. All of these treatments are non-intrusive, require very little downtime, and show their results very quickly.

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The pressures of work, family, the management of their own businesses, and the traffic gridlock combined have resulted in high levels of stress for working professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs. Young adults who are coping with peer pressure, school demands, and a sense of alienation brought by too much time on social media are also prone to depression. All these unresolved emotional and mental issues can manifest in a lot of ways throughout their bodies, damaging their health.

Lumbago for a limber back.

The first medical condition to be addressed is back pain, which can be a result of constant stress that is no being given relief or addressed. The muscles around their lower back and spine tighten to the point of rigidity. Even the person who regularly exercises is not immune to this condition.

However, the ones who are probably most at risk are those who agonize over deadlines and sit at their desks more than six hours a day. The person with back pain finds it hard to move around. Sometimes, certain sitting or standing positions can add to their discomfort. The accumulation of inconvenience and pain then dampens his or her mood, and triggers more sadness, irritation, or anger — which further adds to the stress he is already experiencing. The added stress increases the back pain, and the cycle goes on.

Lumbago relieves the patience of the stress-induced pain in a mere 40-minute relaxing therapeutic session. The patient lies on a very comfortable bed as the machine stimulates his nervous system with short, steady bursts of electricity. The electricity sends signals to the patients brain, prompting the nervous system and the surrounding muscles to relax. The warmth and heat generated by the process also crushes the cold particles in the body that have caused the patients back to stiffen.

Cellushape: a more flattering look replaces the plumpness

Cellushape is designed mostly for women patients who are the ones who tend to suffer the build-up of cellulite. It manifests in fatty, loose skin that bloats up arms, legs, thighs, buttocks. Though it is harmless from a medical perspective, cellulite does make the skin look lumpy, uneven, and ultimately unflattering. It is attributed to the growth of fat cells which inevitably push up against the epidermis. The affected body parts become plump and acquire a rotund shape.

Cellushape is an ultrasound-like treatment that focuses on the bulging body parts, and send sound waves to penetrate the skin and break down the fatty substances. The treatment is done in a very relaxing environment, with the patient lying down comfortably on the bed as the nurse administers the treatment. For less than an hour, Cellushape concentrates on the fatty tissues, slowly melting them from within. After the treatment, it activates a massage-like procedure that flushes out the now pulverized fats from the body.

Cellushape can take more than one session if the cellulites on the affected body parts prove stubborn, especially if they had been prevalent for a long time. Interestingly, some thin people can use Cellushape, not to trim own fat, but to shape their legs into a more fleshy appealing appearance. Patients is advice to drink a lot of water after undergoing Cellushape.

Hollywood Vita Facial: Fresh, smooth, and shining

Unlike most other facial treatments, the Hollywood Vita Facial makes its effects last longer. Blemishes, wrinkles, and other anti-aging effects are removed quickly, to be replaced by a fresh, smooth skin that is attractive because of its purity and sheen. The new look can last for days and highlight the patients best facial features even with just minimal make-up.

The secret to Hollywood Vita Facial lies in its nutrients. The treatment essentially places anti-aging, natural elements on the patients face while it is being cleansed. Its combination of vitamins and minerals is then embedded under the skin where their substances bring about the needed changes. Collagen, for example, rejuvenates the face and provides it stronger protection against pollutants, dirt, and anti-oxidants. Omega-3, which is usually found in seafood and walnuts, prevents the onset of acne, irritation, itchiness, and inflammation. Vitamin E is responsible for making the cells on the face regenerate.

One Hollywood Vita Facial treatment removes fine lines, reduces the pores, and tightens the skin. Oftentimes, the skin glows with an eye-catching radiance, making the patient look younger and even happier.

To know more about these treatments, visit SvelTi: the Aesthetics Centre Quezon City branch 5/F, South Insula Condominium, 61 Timog Avenue, Quezon City, phone nos. +63918-878-3584 or (02)83327546; and in the Ortigas branch at the Ground Floor, Millennium Place, Meralco Ave., Ortigas Center, Pasig City, phone nos. +63917-578-3584 or (02)8281-922.

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