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Join the #DanceAwesome video challenge

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Be one of the three lucky groups to win the latest addition to the A-series lineup, the SAMSUNG Galaxy A71, by joining in the #DanceAwesome social media challenge! Just simply create your fun, creative, and awesome version of the #DanceAwesome video on your FACEBOOK account.
Here are the #DanceAwesome mechanics:
1. Form a group of 3-4 members, with at least 1 media person (to be verified by EON), for the #DanceAwesome video challenge.
2. Together, create your own fun #DanceAwesome video following Samsung’s Galaxy A: how to #DanceAwesome video tutorial on Youtube.
*Kindly see attached deck for links to the sample videos
*Kindly also see attached Sound Files for the AWESOME theme 
3. Upload your video on Facebook and make sure to set your post as public.
4, Entries should use the hashtags #DanceAwesome#GalaxyA71PH, and #TeamGalaxy and tag Samsung Philippines in your post in order to be eligible to join the contest.
5. Deadline for entries is extended until March 4, 2020 and announcement of winners is on March 6, 2020.
6. The three best teams overall will bring home Galaxy A71 units!
1st Prize – 3x Samsung Galaxy A71
2nd Prize – 2x Samsung Galaxy A71
3rd Prize – 1x Samsung Galaxy A71

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